Reasons why Writing Skills are so important in Career Success

Writing skills encompass much more than just stroking keys on a computer or putting pen on paper. Some call it art since there are those known to have these skills in abundance, but one thing that many people tend to forget is that, just like any other skill, proficient writing takes practice. Writing skills are normally reflected in the content that one has written, and it is recognized as one goes through whatever piece that has been put down be it an article, custom essay, cover letter, a resume and many more. Such a concept not only applies to editors, bloggers or freelance writers but every other profession since good writing skills are needed in everyday activities in various businesses. This article is going to comprehensively explain why writing skills are important in career success.

To go ahead, one needs to be smart

Writing involves two things namely language and reading. It is more than just motor function skills. Individually, language is a sophisticated topic. To most people it seems like second nature to speak, but language encompasses listening, reading and writing skills. Development of writing skills enhances collaboration, communication, and comprehension skills altogether. An analysis that was done recently on LinkedIn found out that those with minimal language errors on their profiles reached higher positions.


To be professional, one needs to sound professional

It sounds very unprofessional when one lacks basic punctuation, spelling and grammar skills in whatever form of communication be it written or spoken. Miscommunication from clients, agents, customers and vendors can lead to setbacks and mishaps. Deficiency in the basic of skills can ruin good intentions and lead to a ripple effect of disasters. On the other hand maintaining any position or even getting hired will need some form of writing skills.

To be more credible, one needs to communicate well

Everyone wants to be taken seriously. Regardless of gender, race, age, or beliefs people work hard, and they deserve recognition. One of the recipes of success is credibility. Building a reputation of integrity for oneself and communicating effectively through the development of writing skills with resources such as help.plagtracker and that can assist in ordering and editing. Other tools include, stoodle, dragon dictation and that can aid with business plans, emails and more.

To be organized, one needs to stay on schedule

Writers are known to be logical and creative. They create people management skills and natural time through practicing skills that develop from following rules and inspiration. Good writing skills help one avoid solving unnecessary problems or repeating work courtesy of miscommunication. Sticking to one’s task and knowing how to communicate effectively is paramount in whatever career.

To be more persuasive, one needs to be more analytic

It is without a doubt that most high school and college students alike hope to make it in their chosen profession, but it is likely that most of them would say that writing has no part in their dreams. However, more opportunities present themselves when one becomes more analytical. As described by Rebecca Schuman, writing of humanities papers nurtures sharp argumentative skills thus making one succeed in many fields where they have no relevant experience.



            International satisfaction is what defines true success. Depending on one’s career path in life they may or may not desire proficient writing skills but regardless of whether one may love it or not writing is a vital skill for many things in life. Some business owners and hiring managers even refuse to hire people who are lacking in appropriate grammar skills. It is worth noting that the skill of writing has evolved, and it is of more importance now than ever before.  

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