Rockets trade Motiejunas and Thornton to Detroit

Donatas Motiejunas January 2015

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After scoring 21 points against the Wizards, he followed with 16 points on Sunday and is starting to get more comfortable in learning the schemes.

It was Harris' second game for the Pistons, who have lost both games since the trade and fallen to 27-29.

The Houston Rockets were part of a three-team deal shortly before the NBA's trade deadline on Thursday, as the squad sent Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for a first-round pick. However, the latter has been dealing with nagging back issues all season long and has not played in a game since Nw Year's Eve. "A little more risk, maybe, than some of the other deals we've had, but with a very high reward".

"You can ask for an extension to go over medical information", Van Gundy said, via the Detroit Free Press. According to ESPN, Van Gundy has already confirmed that the league granted them one more day to study the deal before deciding whether or not to acquire Motiejunas. The new deadline is 6 p.m. Monday. If he's unable to pass the physical, the trade could be voided.

The Detroit Pistons did not shock the world at the deadline, but we should not be surprised if we see them deep in the playoffs in the next few seasons.

The Rockets agreed to the extension and the National Basketball Association gave the Pistons the extra time to review test results and consult with physicians.

The Rockets also must deal with the reality that Donatas Motiejunas is not almost ready to return to action, certainly not to the degree that each party involved had hoped.

The loss of Motiejunas surely hurts in the short term and especially with the knee injury suffered Sunday by Anthony Tolliver. If healthy, Motiejunas can be a big addition to the Pistons front court.

Harris made his debut at The Palace, after playing his first game as a Piston on Friday at Washington.

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