Who Really Won the NBA Dunk Contest?

In true Drake fashion, Zach LaVine went back-to-back, winning the Slam Dunk Contest for the second year in a row.

The result was an instant classic that brought to mind the legendary 1988 dunk contest battle between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins and may prove to be the highlight of the NBA's All-Star Weekend in Canada. Saunders drafted LaVine 13th overall two years ago despite the young guard playing only one season as a bench player at UCLA.

It showed Gordon from the front, side, and back, which somehow made the dunk look even more spectacular than when it was aired live and at full speed. He had said he didn't want players forcing him the ball in an effort to make him the MVP - he's already got four of them in this game - but he was never far from the center of attention.

In what might have been one of the most entertaining Saturday nights before an NBA All-Star Game, the loudest cheers came for the dunk contest.

In his first dunk, Gordon showed his unique combination of strength and acrobatics with a 360-degree, through-the-legs dunk that shook the rim and awoke the crowd. Trick dunks like Gerald Green (does) - I don't know why he wasn't in the dunk contest - he can do anything.

In the dunk contest, Gordon broke the string of six 50s when he was given a 47 on his final turn, leaving an opening for LaVine, who’s between-the-legs dunk earned another 50 and another contest win.

Barton failed to complete his second dunk, which was a bounce to himself where he tried to reverse the ball again. "We all loved Flip and his memory will love on forever!"

"Some people have dunk contest bounce and some people have game bounce", he told For The Win at a Court Vision Interactive Virtual Realty Art Experience sponsored by Mountain Dew. Those three included an under-the legs dunk taking the ball off the mascot's head, grabbing the ball from a spinning mascot on a hover board into a 360 and the dunk pictured above, where he took it under both of his legs.

Rather than say LaVine beat Gordon, I think you might characterize this contest as one where LaVine simply outlasted him.

We thought that dunk was impressive in 2013, but really, Gordon was capable of so much more.

LaVine takes it from the Free-throw line all the way to the basket with a little windmill. Meh.

"To see him now, it's like the passing of a generation", West coach Gregg Popovich said.

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