Ben Affleck Talks Maybe One Day Reconciling with Ex Jennifer Garner

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Ben Affleck Talks Maybe One Day Reconciling with Ex Jennifer Garner

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Jen has given Ben the boot - all because of his response to comments that she made to Vanity Fair.

Garner broke her silence about the divorce in a no-holds-barred, emotional cover story with Vanity Fairearlier this month.

"We're on great terms". She's just so good at doing that and sets such a good example.

When asked about her revelations of his dalliance, he said, "It's fine".

Affleck is "furious" about Garner's tell-all, sources say. "We try our best, we put them first and that's what we do". As far as Garner is concerned, Affleck's inability to keep his word brought up past issues and led to a major fight between the stars.

Despite these rumors, Daily Mail is reporting that the relationship between Garner and Affleck is still as amicable as usual. He also emphasized that their main goal is the well-being of their children above all else. "I think a few people are kind of more into the idea of fame or whatever, but they were like that when they were kids, I'm sure", she added.

Ben admitted he borrowed his Batman suit for Samuel's fourth birthday party, which went down a treat with the tot and his young pals. Watch Affleck order pizza as Batman in the video above! Affected, Garner said she told Samuel he had to deal with the paps.

So the fact that Ben didn't really say anything bad about Jennifer Garner is irrelevant, it's more or less the fact that he interfered with her divorce exclusive. "And every time he sees the cameras, which is still every day, he says, 'I don't like that". "I don't like men with cameras, and I don't like being laughed at".

As fans may recall, Garner has been active in fighting back against photographers crossing the lines of personal boundaries.

Unfortunately, it's a problem that the famous family - which includes Samuel's older sisters, 10-year-old Violet and 7-year-old Seraphina - can't ever escape. "That is just something he's gonna have to grow up with, because if we move to Timbuktu, some person in Timbuktu's gonna buy a camera and follow us around".

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