Bernie Sanders Slams The Washington Post

Bernie Sanders Slams The Washington Post

Bernie Sanders Slams The Washington Post

Bernie Sanders won a huge victory in Vermont's Democratic presidential primary while Donald Trump eked out a narrow victory over Ohio Gov. John Kasich on the Republican side. "It is about transforming America", he said.

His campaign strategist Tad Devine set the target lower, at 300 delegates. "And a lot of things, I think, can and will happen in the weeks and months ahead". Billionaires do not buy town meetings.

After Sanders won Vermont, CNN projected that he would be the winner in Oklahoma and Massachusetts as well, winning the states with 52 and 51 percent, in comparison to a percentage of 46 for Clinton.

Sanders, speaking to thousands of cheering supporters at a campaign rally Tuesday evening in Essex Junction, noted that Tuesday also was Town Meeting Day, a state holiday when people go out and argue with their neighbors about town budgets and other issues.

And while many political watchers still believe that Clinton is the likeliest Democratic nominee, Sanders made clear that he's pushing forward and focusing on states that still have to vote.

Addressing the crowd of nearly 1,800 people, the Vermont senator said, "If we win Maine, we move another step forward toward a political revolution in this country ..." "By the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates".

So if he knows it will be tough to take the nomination away from Clinton, why stay in the race?

"When we were out on the lake, we were at 3 percent in the polls", Sanders said. We've come a long way. Bernie Sanders felt the love, telling the crowd, "It is good to be home".

Bernie Sanders votes in the Vermont primary in Burlington


How are the results of Super Tuesday being absorbed in the Sanders camp, and what will the impact be on his campaign moving forward?

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