Best locations for a date with a Russian woman

Best locations for a date with a Russian woman

Best locations for a date with a Russian woman

You’ve been so nervous about asking a Russian girl out and when you finally heard her affirmative answer a new question arose: what is the best place for a date? You doubt your ideas because what works with Western girls may not be appropriate for date Slavic girls . The first thing you should do is to calm down. Women all over the world are united by one and the same feature: they are all women. That means all of them like romance and expect that a man will take them to some nice place and will be courteous and chivalrous. However, everything depends on a particular person. If you see that the girl you met is special and you won’t impress her by traditional dating venues, you should switch on your imagination and find some extraordinary place for your first date. The following ideas will help you while looking for a good location.

·        Romantic walk.
If you are totally at a loss where to spend your first date, choose the most common option – a walk in the park or down the city centre. Make sure that your walk is not long-distance as a Russian beauty will show up wearing high heels (this is 99%). A bit of wandering around a city will make a good start for your evening. Ask your date to tell you about some historical sites you’ll be passing by to keep up a conversation. After that, take her to a restaurant where you can sit and relax and have a nice talk. Depending on the time of year, you may continue your date watching the sunset or again taking a walk.

·         Restaurant or café.
One of the traditional places for dating is a restaurant. Most Russian women are not used to dining at fancy restaurants so to make her feel comfortable and relaxed choose a small restaurant or café with the cozy interior. In order not to come across as ordinary, take her to the themed restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. Going to a restaurant is an excellent occasion for a Russian woman to dress up smartly and demonstrate her beauty.

·         Picnic.
Going out on a picnic will be reasonable if you’ve already been to that city or town and know some nice places. Another factor that you should take into account is the weather. Russian girls will look sexy even in jacket; nevertheless, they expect that you’ll ask them out on a picnic when it’s warm outside. You should also know that a picnic will be more appropriate for the second and following dates.

·         Planetarium.
If the girl you’ve asked out is special and you know she has a romantic nature, you should find a place that will amuse her. One of those places is a planetarium. Contemplating the stars and planets projected on the ceiling is a balm to the romantic soul. This will tune you both to the romantic atmosphere for the rest of the evening.

·         Hot-air balloon.
Chatting with your Russian girl you’ve found out that her dream is to skydive or do something extreme. It’s your chance to win her heart by fulfilling her dream. If skydiving makes you nervous or frightens you, then choose something moderate, for example, a hot-air balloon. What can be more romantic than you two in the sky? She will definitely remember that date.

·         Live concert.
Many dating experts usually don’t recommend taking a woman out to a concert, especially if it’s your first date since you don’t have an opportunity to talk a lot. First dates are all about getting to know each other better so you need to find the venue that will let you both have a good conversation. However, sometimes those emotions that you both experience listening to your favorite band can set a better connection between you two. If you and your date are both into music but you want to have a nice talk with her, there is a compromise. Ask her to a restaurant or bar where live bands perform. They usually start after 10 p.m. so that you can eat and chat first and then listen to live music and dance.


What else can help you in your searches of a perfect place for your date with a Russian woman is the experience of other men dating Russian girls. Browse through the Internet, read the posts on the relevant forums, and you’ll necessarily come across some really good and tried ideas. Still, the guideline should be your girl’s personality. Always listen carefully to what she says. This way you’ll figure out her likes and dislikes and will know what to do to please her.

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