Christie's shell-shocked look at Trump Super Tuesday event stirs mockery, befuddlement

Christie's shell-shocked look at Trump Super Tuesday event stirs mockery, befuddlement

Christie's shell-shocked look at Trump Super Tuesday event stirs mockery, befuddlement

Six New Jersey newspapers called on Gov. Chris Christie to resign in a joint editorial released on the day of the Super Tuesday primaries. While Christie was campaigning for himself for president, he sometimes joked that he was the second-most-analyzed politician in the country - behind Trump. Christie, who's already endorsed Trump, received eight percent as well.

Even before his positioning behind Trump during his victory speech spawned the hashtag #FreeChrisChristie, his endorsement spawned a slew of irate hometown newspaper editorials that ran Tuesday. And in a campaign where candidates have vilified the media, a little bit of schadenfreude is to be expected. Was that the actual story?

On the campaign trail, Christie had criticized Trump's call for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, his lack of a plan for Social Security and his views on Muslims as a security threat. Was it just something Christie and a cabinet of consultants shaped out of the abrasive for no good reason, autocratic, unscrupulous man who had been running New Jersey until now?

At a Monday press conference, he refused to answer questions from local reporters about his support for Trump, a seemingly mismatched endorsement that some in New Jersey saw as the latest example of the governor tending to his own future rather than the state's.

And after snubbing questions about Trump from New Jersey media, he's now stoked the ire of his local press corps, too. On Sunday, Christie struggled to explain to ABC's George Stephanopoulos Trump's policies and his newfound support for them.

"A fascinating part of his personal political history is his longstanding effort to reach out to minority communities", Katz says. For more than a half-hour, Christie stood straight-faced as he often does at public events when others are speaking. In his 2013 re-election, he took home 51% of the Hispanic vote.

Whatever was going through Christie's mind, he turned into a trending topic overnight.

But no one's head was spinning more than New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

"It was reasonable that he was given a great deal of leeway when he ran for president, because you could argue that New Jersey could benefit if he was elected". So it makes sense that Christie is suddenly Trump's hype man.


But once his direct shot at the White House was clearly over, Christie was ready to shake Trump's hand, slap his back and help his most unorthodox campaign along? In an article published in the Time, Whitman accused Christie of "desperate opportunism", saying nothing should have made the New Jersey governor endorse Trump - even political pragmatism.

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