Donald Trump holds double digit lead over Marco Rubio in NBC/WSJ/Marist poll

Donald Trump holds double digit lead over Marco Rubio in NBC/WSJ/Marist poll

Donald Trump holds double digit lead over Marco Rubio in NBC/WSJ/Marist poll

Vote for home-state Gov. John Kasich in next Tuesday's OH primary, not for Marco Rubio, Republicans are being urged... by Marco Rubio.

Some Republicans, most notably 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, have urged conservatives who oppose Trump to vote for which ever alternative candidate is most likely to win certain states in the upcoming primary contests.

John Kasich said Sunday that GOP front-runner Donald Trump has created a "toxic atmosphere" in the Republican race, adding that Trump has run a "divisive campaign" that's "concerning". So each could significantly boost Trump's 99-delegate lead over Ted Cruz, his nearest competitor.

Marco Rubio appear to be heading in opposite directions on the cusp of must-win primaries for both, a new poll finds.

In all, 367 Republican delegates are at stake Tuesday in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Rubio later echoed those comments himself at a news conference in West Palm Beach, Fla.

"We've had an interesting couple of days", Trump said as he began speaking in Kansas City, according to the Kansas City Star.

So are any of these scenarios within Trump's reach?

"We need some good people to go down there and do the right thing and stop Trump", said Rina Shah, who won a convention spot as a Rubio delegate.

But another poll released Sunday by YouGov and CBS News showed Kasich and Trump tied at 33 percent with Cruz in third with 27 percent and Rubio fourth with 5 percent. They are desperate for one of their own to take down Trump, even though their own candidates are handcuffed in that regard given how Trump has hijacked their policy positions.

Sanders, in an interview with Tapper on "State of the Union", said his campaign "had nothing to do" with what happened in Chicago.

Numerous protesters in Chicago said they were supporters of the Democratic candidate. Neither Trump or Cruz secured enough of the vote to accrue any delegates as they didn't break the 15 percent threshold required.

As for who has a realistic chance of winning the nomination, Trump simply wrote off Rubio and Kasich, saying, "There are two of us that can, and there are two of us that cannot, OK?" But it showed her trailing Cruz in OH, 47 percent to 45 percent, and Kasich 57 percent to 36 percent.

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