Gerard Butler Back in 'London Has Fallen'

Credit Courtesy Gerard Butler stars as Mike Banning in Babak Najafi's LONDON HASFALLEN a Gramercy

Credit Courtesy Gerard Butler stars as Mike Banning in Babak Najafi's LONDON HASFALLEN a Gramercy

With some fantastic filmography, Gerard Butler shines in his role as an action star.

In relation to the 25 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes as of March 4, "London has Fallen" is less liked by critics than the first secret service movie "Olympus has Fallen".

However, when the British prime minister dies under mysterious circumstances, Mike is assigned to accompany USA president Asher (Eckhart) to join other world leaders in paying homage to the United Kingdom leader in London.

All handles gear up for this impending doom and only one man - as we all knew - that bloke who can do no wrong and foil every trap - the Secret Service agent Manning holds the show. However, he sets aside his private issues to lead the visit to London.

Stabby McHeadshot to his co-workers, was promoted after saving the lives of President Asher (Aaron Eckhat) and his son three years ago, but with a child of his own on the way he's decided it's time to sheath his knife and retire from duty. However, as London descends into chaos, his escape is thwarted. Banning, who has a baby on the way, is pondering his resignation when he gets the call to leave.

Grade: F. Rated R. Now playing at the Biltmore Grande, Carmike and Carolina theaters.

The film's performance as of now can only be compared to its predecessor "Olympus has Fallen".

Despite all this, I still kinda liked LONDON HAS FALLEN. Remember those - the ones made famous by Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Jean Claude Van Damme? The negativity lies in the predictable nature of the plot that has all the clichés that we normally see in such movies. Even the President gets in on the action, instead of you know, fleeing for safety like the leader of one of the biggest nations on Earth would do. Guy Fawkes would have loved that bit. It's a long single take that is creatively executed. Alongside him is his security guard and fearless warrior, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler). The same goes for Jackie Earle Haley, while Robert Forster is essentially an extra.

Gerard Butler's recent film, London Has Fallen might not have gone down too well with the audience as allegations of being racist and cliched are doing the rounds.

The simultaneous murder of several world leaders is window dressing. However, it's forgivable due to Butler's charisma and absolute devotion to selling the story. Director Babak Najafi (Easy Money II: Hard to Kill) has an appetite for C4 and shockwaves, but he's trying to make Beef Wellington on a Big Mac budget. In this edition, he protects the President during the "most protected event on earth".

London Has Fallen feels a like an old script intended for Arnold Schwarzenegger that got kicked under the sofa for two decades and was recently rediscovered. Whatever realism the film started with is tossed out the window in favor of the over-the-top, anti-terrorist tone of the finale. The antics are all played to the gallery on known lines. The gruesome onslaught lays people from different nationalities with many of London's landmarks blown to smithereens.

First, an assessment of "London Has Fallen" as an action film - then of its tone deaf worldview and low opinion of its audience.

I also felt that nearly every supporting cast member was wasted. And at one point, Butler introduces Charlotte Riley as MI6 Jacquelin Marshall. "She's pretty awesome to be honest", Butler added. However, that promise of action is never delivered. In fact, the British come across as rather incompetent in this film. At the very least, it's entertaining.



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