Kindergarten teacher Klara Bowman 'found drunk in her classroom' is fired

Kindergarten Teacher Accused of Drinking on the Job

Kindergarten teacher Klara Bowman 'found drunk in her classroom' is fired

McMinimee told KIRO-TV that Bowman, a kindergarten teacher, was found "fairly intoxicated" in her classroom after a student went to the principal's office, saying something was wrong with her.

Bowman, 32, was removed from the classroom and, according to McMinimee, walked into a wall as she was escorted down the hallway by the principal and assistant principal.

District officials say she had a prior alcohol offense in February 2011 while she was a teacher at Grant Elementary School, and signed a "last chance" agreement after that.

This letter is to let you know that Ms. Bowman will be out for the remainder of the school year.

Investigators found an empty bottle of wine and an empty bottle of rum inside Bowman's classroom, as well as two drinking containers that smelled of alcohol and several over the counter medications. 

In the report, Tacoma Public Schools also acknowledges they were made aware that Klara Bowman may have an alcohol abuse problem back in December of 2010.

The school district's attorney told the News Tribune Newspaper that Bowman is appealing the decision. "I'm an idiot and will likely not step foot into my classroom any time again in the near future".

She also thinks the letter should have gone out to all parents, because other students could have been around Bowman.

According to the Associated Press, Bowman plans to appeal her firing.

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