Knife found on OJ Simpson's old property is likely to be not a murder weapon

OJ Simpson

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Twelve years ago, a construction worker handed over a knife to an off-duty police officer, who was working at a film set across the street from Simpson's old house in Brentwood.

According to Los Angeles local news station KABC, Maycott has explained through his lawyer Trent Copeland that he contacted the LAPD immediately to tell them about the knife, but they weren't interested.

Multiple Sources tells NBC News the utility knife is fairly low-priced and commonly used by construction crews and gardeners.

Captain Andrew Neiman, an LAPD media relations officer, said during a news conference that investigators became aware of the knife in February after a retired officer brought it to their attention.

He did, however, say that even if the knife is proven to be the murder weapon and could link Simpson to the two killings, it was his understanding that "double jeopardy would be in place here", meaning the former football player and movie star could not be indicted on charges for which he has already been acquitted. A construction worker allegedly found the weapon and gave it to a now retired police officer.

Fox News confirmed earlier Friday that the knife was undergoing forensic testing.

"For them to now consider spending taxpayer dollars to run a test on this supposed knife I think is really a waste of limited taxpayer resources", he continued.

Detained four days later after an infamous auto chase that was watched live by television viewers across America, he was eventually found not guilty after the so-called Trial of the Century the following year. "I would think that an LAPD officer would know that any time you come into contact with evidence, you should and shall submit that to investigators". Given that OJ Simpson can't be legally held accountable for this crime anymore, he could confess and tell us what happened to the knife.

Simpson was accused in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman, but police never found the knife that prosecutors claim he used to kill them.

"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit", Johnnie Cochran, Simpson's lead attorney and part of the defense known as the "dream team", told the jury.

Police Department spokesman Lt. Anthony Alba said at the time that several knives had been found in Simpson's former neighborhood over the past few years but officials did not find any blood or other evidence linking to any crime.

In the original narrative constructed by TMZ, a construction worker found the folding buck knife buried on O.J.'s property at an ambiguous time in the past.

Simpson had been accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simposon and her friend Ronald Goldman in June 1994 at her condominium. According to TMZ, he was interested in framing the weapon and wanted to know the departmental number for the murder case so that he could include it in the frame.

Yale Galanter, Simpson's former attorney for his 2008 armed robbery case (which he is now serving a 33-year sentence in Vegas) differs from Clark in the belief that the reported knife is a development in the case. "It is pure fantasy to believe that there's anything relevant with this knife that has now been turned over".



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