Missouri getting some late attention in presidential primary

Donald Trump speaks to members of the City Club of Chicago in June.						Charles Rex Arbogast  AP

Donald Trump speaks to members of the City Club of Chicago in June. Charles Rex Arbogast AP

With more delegates at stake this week, candidates vying for their party's nomination for President are making stops across IL and Missouri this weekend.

A similar situation is playing out among Southwest Missouri Democrats. Voters will also go to the polls Tuesday in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Missouri.

IL awards 182 delegates on the Democratic side, with 102 awarded proportionately from each congressional district for candidates that get at least 15 percent of the vote. "There are a lot of candidates still on the ballot who have withdrawn".

"There are two of us that can" get to 1,237 delegates, Trump said during a nationally televised CNN debate Thursday night, "and two of us that can't". That leaves 71 delegates that could be apportioned based on the primary results.

Illinois Republicans will award 69 delegates in Tuesday's primary, and the victor of the statewide preference vote will get 15 delegates, with the remaining delegates elected from each congressional district.

"You don't have to be a registered Democrat to vote on the Democratic ticket", said Persephone Dakopolos, a volunteer for the mid-Missouri Bernie Sanders campaign.

Missouri has 52 delegates to the Republican National Convention. If not, delegates would be awarded as follows: 12 for the candidate who gets the most votes statewide, and five for every congressional district a candidate wins.

And, hey, the candidates are competing here, which means they consider it worth winning.

Missouri has not received a great deal of personal attention from the presidential contenders until lately.

Trump's visit to St. Louis on Friday was the first of his campaign.

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was set to stump in Chicago on Friday, but after his supporters and protestors started to clash and things took a violent turn, his rally was postponed.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz was to hold events in suburban St. Louis, Kansas City, Cape Girardeau and Springfield. Bernie Sanders was to hold a rally in Springfield. "And Cruz has Jeff Roe (the former Missouri political consultant who is the Texas senator's campaign manager)".

In other polls leading into the weekend, Trump led favorite sons John Kasich in OH and Marco Rubio in Florida. Claire McCaskill to work for Clinton's campaign.

Clinton and Sanders both have opened campaign offices in St. Louis and Kansas City, and Sanders also has one in Columbia. Sanders, who spoke at that same conference, last came to Missouri on February 24 for a rally in downtown Kansas City. Republicans used a winner-take-all approach in 2008, meaning John McCain got all of Missouri's delegates even though he received just one-third of the total votes in a close contest against Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.

In 2012, Missouri's primaries lacked much significance. As the incumbent, Obama faced little Democratic competition.

"This is a sad day", Cruz said.

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