Rubio, Sanders make inroads in U.S. primary, caucus polls

Rubio, Sanders make inroads in U.S. primary, caucus polls

Rubio, Sanders make inroads in U.S. primary, caucus polls

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump (center) talks with rival candidates Marco Rubio (left) and Ted Cruz (right) at the conclusion of the US Republican presidential candidates debate in Detroit, Michigan, March 3, 2016.

"I don't want us to have a president that we constantly have to be explaining to our kids, 'Look, I know that's what the president did, but you shouldn't do that.' I don't want that", Rubio said. "I think it was a big mistake for Donald Trump not to be here", ACU chairman Matt Schlapp told CNN. To begin with, it's highly unlikely - though not impossible - that Trump or Cruz could win a general election.

"I would love to take on Ted one-on-one", Trump said, adding that Cruz would have little chance of victory in liberal states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has won the Kansas GOP caucus, notching an important victory over Donald Trump.

Trump couldn't help taking as shot once again at the Texas senator's Canadian birth. Partial returns showed Cruz and Trump locked in a close race in Kentucky. If two candidates get the bulk of the delegates - and Rubio, Kasich and the candidates who have dropped out are well below a combined 200 delegates - then a contested convention is highly unlikely.

In all, another 358 delegates will be up for grabs at the contests in the four key states on March 15 - a crucial day for both Cruz and Trump - and a definite do-or-die for Rubio.

On Sunday, Rubio was projected to win in Puerto Rico, his second victory to date in nominating contests across USA states and territories.

The wary interest in Cruz from more mainstream Republicans is the latest unexpected twist in a GOP race where talk of a contested convention or third-party candidate is becoming commonplace. “If Ted's the alternative to Trump, he's at least a Republican and conservative, South Carolina Sen. Trump has warned Republicans that they'll lose his voters if they try to take the nomination away from him. We have a tremendous number of people coming in and a tremendous number of people showing up to vote,  he said Sunday.

To win the nomination, 1,237 delegates are needed.

The Republican candidates squandered their opportunity to reaffirm their individual platforms and instead chose to ridicule and belittle one another. "If we're divided, Donald wins".

On the Democrat side, Vermont senator Sanders won Nebraska and Kansas, while Ms. Clinton carried the more delegate-rich Louisiana to maintain her large lead in delegates overall.

Trump, still the front-runner in the hunt for delegates, took Louisiana and Kentucky.

Polling in most of Saturday's contests has been sketchy, though on the Republican side, Trump has led most of the surveys that do exist and has undeniable momentum after Super Tuesday. In doing so, he says, we will see millions of high paying jobs, an increase in wages and more success with job offers for young adults graduating college. In Kansas, Cruz picked up 24 delegates while Trump gained nine. Marco Rubio of Florida.

The three states holding Democratic contests on Saturday had a total of 109 delegates at stake. He is expected to stay in the race until his home state of Florida votes on March 15.

The races Saturday will test whether there's any fallout from a wild week in Republican politics, which included Romney's attacks on Trump and a raucous Fox News debate in which the candidates mostly yelled over one another and Trump boasted about the size of his genitals. He beat Trump in a closed GOP caucus, where only registered Republicans could vote.

Cruz won 24 of the state's 40 delegates to Trump's nine and narrowed Trump's overall delegate lead. The early estimates were that Clinton, who appeared headed to a smashing almost 50-point win in Louisiana, had won at least 48 delegates on Tuesday and Sanders 37. Even so, Sanders fell further behind in his effort to overtake Clinton's commanding lead in delegates.

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