Sabrina Carpenter Covers Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman"

Sabrina Carpenter Covers Ariana Grande's

Sabrina Carpenter Covers Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman"

The "Break Free" singer has shared a stunning a cappella rendition of her single "Dangerous Woman" and wow, does she have some lungs on her. Grande first released the track two weeks ago, and then performed it last week when she hosted and sang on SNL.

Grande can be seen donning a pair of black bunny ears and a shiny black strapless dress while singing Dangerous Woman a cappella in the 3 minute 57 second video. Only this time, she is doing so without musical accompaniment: no instruments, no backup singers, no sound equipment to alter how she sounds, nothing.

Blasting into the loud and proud chorus, Grande proves herself as one of pop's most proficient pure vocalists.

But Ariana is taking it to the next level, releasing an a cappella version of the song that is downright stunning.

"Dangerous Woman" is the new single from Ariana Grande's third studio album of the same name.

Grande tweeted the link to the performance on Sunday, writing, "Something fun & different".

Watch Grande rip up "Dangerous Woman" totally solo below.

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