Stephen Curry Wins Game Against OKC With Epic Last Minute 3-Pointer

He matched Curry shot for shot, keeping Oklahoma City in front until he fouled out in overtime.

The Thunder scored five quick points to start overtime, but four straight points from Curry got the Warriors to within one. The Warriors could have called a timeout to set up their offense, but Iguodala instead tossed the ball to Curry, who casually made his way across midcourt.

Cavs get blown out in DC: On the night when LeBron James got a rare time off, the Cavaliers (41-17) were trailing at some point by 30 to be eventually blown out by the Wizards (28-30) 113-99.

"What was that, 40 feet?" Golden State hosts the Thunder on Thursday night. It was his 288th of the season, also breaking a National Basketball Association record he himself holds. The Warriors selected Curry at No. 7, immediately after Minnesota's two picks, and it's just a little insane to think the Wolves passed over him twice.

"Honestly, I don't know exactly where I am, so it's not like I'm calibrating in my head, 'All right, 38 feet, 37, 36", he said. We can give the Wolves a pass on Rubio, as he was ranked higher than Curry pretty much across the board.

What makes Curry's performance on Saturday night even more impressive is the fact that he did it all on one ankle after driving the lane and rolling his ankle very awkwardly on a collision OKC point guard Russell Westbrook early in the third quarter. He drove to the basket and rolled the ankle before Westbrook stepped on it. "I wanted to make sure I was okay". "I had to get it retaped".

Golden State guard Klay Thompson is beyond the point of being surprised anymore.

"We look at him all over the place, in shootarounds, at practice, in games", Brown said. "[Stephen Curry] has the chance to be the greatest player we've ever seen, if he plays at this level for the next 4-6 years".

Curry's 46-point effort completed a four-game stretch in which he averaged 43.8 points a game while shooting 61.1 percent from 3-point range, which was actually better than the 60.8 percent that he had shot from the field overall.

Many people are already jumping to conclusions and saying that we should just crown the Golden State Warriors the National Basketball Association champions now and save us all the time and misery of watching them roll through the postseason.

The best in the National Basketball Association have given Curry his due. Dwyane Wade said: "Curry is UNREAL!!!!"

With all the praise has come the expected criticism.

With the recent spectacular game Curry put up, he immediately gained positive notes from the players in the league.

Curry and the Warriors won a title last season and are seemingly unstoppable this season.

You can't help but wonder how he's going to be remembered because he should be as one of the revolutionary players of this generation.

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