'The People vs. OJ Simpson' Gets To The Gloves

American Crime Story The People v. O.J. Simpson season 2 episode 7 titled 'Conspiracy Theories saw the prosecutor debate whether to allow O.J. try on gloves

'The People vs. OJ Simpson' Gets To The Gloves

DNA tests showed blood found on the glove discovered near Simpson's property contained genetic markers of Simpson and both victims, according to reports at the time. "If we just keep putting on the evidence, they'll get it. They'll get it". Much later, Darden made a more incendiary claim, stating his personal suspicion that the defense had altered the glove during a lunch break.

The People v. OJ Simpson' is a retelling of the controversial trial that saw former National Football League star OJ Simpson acquitted of the double murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Smith and Ron Goldman. The judge instructed him to step away from the table as he struggled. "If there's going to be a media circus, you better well be the ringmaster", a Harvard professor says at the beginning of the episode to his students while watching the trial, and even as things spiral out of control for the lawyers on both sides of courtroom, it is the better showmen who command the nation's attention.

In Darden's 1996 memoir, In Contempt, he does reference he and Clark dancing together in their off-time. So, of course, I quickly pressed pause and grabbed my iPad, searching for footage of the moment from the 1995 trial on YouTube, just so I could see just how over-the-top the show went in that moment before eventually composing a snarky tweet.

The show ends with Chris Darden calling the parents of Nicole's deceased lover to apologize, fighting back tears.

Reporter: "It looked like they didn't fit. Well, I should mention that Marcia kills it at a party in Oakland in which she schools two of Darden's friends who still believe the LAPD framed O.J. But this is still Darden's story; he invites Marcia to spend the weekend with him in Oakland to unwind, during which time she gets along with his friends swimmingly and sends him flirty glances".

In the seventh episode of the season, viewers are shown the glove testimony - the iconic turning point in the O.J. Simpson murder case. "It was like it was happening in slow motion".

Before getting into the gloves drama, the first part of the episode ran with a lot of preliminary scenes evolving to prosecution's decision to have Simpson try on the leather gloves that had been placed as evidence. "In reality, the prosecutors blew the case, and I wish the public would see why the jury voted the way they did". "And he milked the moment for all it was worth", Toobin said. That ultimately backfires with the presentation of the gloves, a key loss for the prosecution that was a huge hit against their case against Simpson. This week, the pain is procedural, as Chris Darden pushes recklessly toward a decision we already know is doomed: asking O.J. Simpson to put on the gloves that were used in the murder.

"I'm not usually bothered by this show taking liberties with the facts, but for whatever reason Shapiro trying on the gloves (didn't happen) bugs me". "I never did", Clark told Dateline NBC in a special.

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