At Build, Microsoft wooed mobile developers in a new way

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman speaks on stage at Microsoft Envision in New Orleans on Monday

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman speaks on stage at Microsoft Envision in New Orleans on Monday

One of the more controversial purchases in the history of Microsoft is when they purchased the phone assets of Nokia. Here, we bring you the six new features rolled out to Windows 10 in Lumia devices.

With Microsoft managing to sell just over 5.8 million Windows phones compared to nearly 300 million Android smartphones and over 46 million iPhones in the third quarter of 2015, it seems Microsoft has temporarily given up any intention of investing heavily on Windows 10 phones until next year. The company not only focuses on the technology aspect of things, but also the business aspect. This means that one of the next builds could indeed come with such functionality, while those who are running the stable version of Windows 10 would get it with the upcoming Anniversary Update.

One key move in this regard is releasing Xamarin's tools to developers for free.

I'm not honestly sure, and in some ways you might make the case that the biggest issue with Continue for phones is that it's tied to Windows 10 Mobile, which has to date only been used on ARM-based handsets that cannot run Windows desktop applications.

In addition, Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers will now have access to Xamarin's advanced enterprise capabilities at no additional cost.

PayPal's Dan Schulman and Microsoft's Peggy Johnson discuss payments and digital currency at Microsoft's Envision conference on Monday in New Orleans

Part of this will, according to company CEO Satya Nadella, be via chatbots. We can confirm that, since we didn't notice a single issue upon installing build 14295 (unlike build 14291, which gave us headache), but some users don't agree with that, as a lot of issues caused by the latest build were reported. Nadella explained to the Envision audience: "Power BI is a tool that's absolutely changed not only the way I view our business success and metrics, but it's changing conversations inside of Microsoft".

Starbucks CTO Gerri Martin-Flickinger showed how Starbucks is developing an Outlook add-in that allows people to send gift cards within Outlook and schedule meetings at nearby Starbucks locations. As they grow they will also want computers that grow from their phone. "This is a tall order, but they are in fact executing on it and building a multi-platform ecosystem".

There also are similar efforts to lure in Android and iOS developers to port their apps to Windows 10.

Toyota's new company, called Toyota Connected, will use Microsoft's Azure cloud platform to provide a hybrid solution for everything Toyota Connected creates. Those are Bing Music, Bing News, Bing Images, Getty Images and Build BotThese.



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