Bernie Sanders Releases 2014 Tax Return

Hillary Clinton in New York

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GOP front-runner Donald Trump hasn't released any of his returns, and Texas Sen. From the start, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hurled accusations at one another, questioned each other's suitability for the presidency, and interrupted regularly. At each step in the process, Democrats hold another straw poll - making it important for the candidates' supporters to turnout.

Clooney went on, though, saying that he would do the same to support Bernie Sanders should he receive the Democratic nomination, because, in his mind, he's not fundraising for one president or another - he's fundraising for the Democratic Party as a whole.

Clinton then said that the "inequality problem is rooted in the shareholder-first mentality and the absence of training for the jobs of tomorrow", dismissing much of Sanders' critiques of Wall Street.

Sanders has said repeatedly he would vote for Clinton if she's the nominee. He consistently beats Republican challengers by a wider margin than Clinton, including a CBS News poll out this week that showed Sanders would win in November no matter the opponent. He would be able to lead her 2,026 delegates to 2,025 delegates at that point. The Brooklyn audience made a lot of noise, more for Senator Sanders than former Secretary of State Clinton. There are no southern primaries left, so the map in that sense is favorable to Bernie.

Actor George Clooney hosted two weekend fundraisers in California on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. On top of this, Sanders has done best in caucus states, of which only four are left.

Hillary Clinton in New York
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The New York primary is set to take place on Tuesday, April 9th. The Democratic Party awards its delegates proportionally so the Vermont senator will need to perform consistently strong. Sanders faces a tough task cutting Clinton's lead since Democrats award delegates in each state proportionally to the candidate's level of support, allowing her to pile up delegates and draw nearer to the nomination even if she loses a state. In bold are the ones most favorable to him.

But the reality is that Sanders has mounted a more vigorous challenge to Clinton than anyone expected - perhaps even Sanders himself. "There comes a time if we are going to pursue justice and peace that we are going to have to say that Netanyahu is not right all of the time", Sanders said. Sanders and his supporters will make the pitch that the superdelegates are effectively robbing the election from him, as he would have the plurality of votes. "Secretary Clinton called them out - oh, they must be really crushed by this", Sanders said sarcastically.

Cruz, speaking after Kasich, continued the theme, pointing to polls showing Trump losing badly to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and getting far less support from women and minority voters.

In 2014, the Clintons donated more than $3 million - almost 11 percent of their income.



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