NFL Draft Moving from Chicago?

NFL Draft Moving from Chicago?

NFL Draft Moving from Chicago?

NFL Draft Week 1 is upon the sporting world once more, and speculation is rife as to which teams badly need what positional help. Mock draft lists have been appearing all over the internet of late, each of them giving their own opinion of what each club needs the most. Although these lists are constantly changing to accommodate the latest news, it would seem that the first round order has been settled.

Although the needs for offensive tackle in the Tennessee Titans ranks are clear, and the knowledge that the Dallas Cowboys are on the lookout for a cornerback as their top priority is no secret, the first draft week of 2016 is overshadowed by the news that the location of the event may be moving from Chicago.

Prior to the infamous Windy City becoming hosts, the title had been held by New York since the mid 1960s. While Chicago is only in its second year of hosting, it is believed that this will be its last, especially given the commentary provided by Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner. According to sources, it is ‘very likely’ that the Draft host will move, but as to where no one can say. Even though there is no indication as to where the event may land next, Cleaveland has long been a hot contender since 2015, alongside Dallas and Pittsburgh.

Since the event was taken from the Big Apple, the whole affair has been geared up and presented more as a travelling show, and in doing so it would allow various other cities to add their experience to a long lineage. However, with how successfully Chicago has fared as hosts, the organisers selected the city for another year. In addition to how positively the 2015 Draft worked out, numerous perks have come from Chicago playing host, therefore making it quite controversial that there may be a move for 2017. 

As the NFL is a huge part of US culture, not to mention a prominent sport across the globe, the news that change is possibly on the way will undoubtedly cause cities to begin bid preparations. What is more, with so much new blood soon to be joining the ranks of the all teams, respected bookmakers will soon see an influx in punters eager to have their say. One such brand expecting to feel the higher volume of traffic is Betway; their site closely follows the NFL and provides a wide range of odds on a daily basis, therefore meaning any potential alterations to teams and their success rates is vital information to them.

For now though, spectators and NFL commentators will have to simply wait for further news, and keep themselves occupied with the beginning of Draft Week, which officially starts on Thursday April 28th and finishes on the 30th.

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