Two Men Killed In San Antonio Lackland AFB Shooting Identified

Two Men Killed In San Antonio Lackland AFB Shooting Identified

Two Men Killed In San Antonio Lackland AFB Shooting Identified

Brig. Gen. Robert LaBrutta, who oversees Joint Base San Antonio, declined to identify the men, saying their families must first be notified.

The shootings appeared to have been a murder-suicide, the Bexar Country Sheriff's Office said, and a Pentagon official, speaking on condition on anonymity, told CNN that the airman shot his commander. Police responded to reports of a shooting at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

Military-issued and personal firearms are heavily controlled by the force and remain unknown whether the men had the authorization to be carrying any of the two weapons found at the scene. Deputies were checking several other locked rooms in a facility at Lackland on Friday to see if they can find any other people related to the shooting, he said.

The FBI said Saturday Bellino was a Special Agent for the agency and resigned in May 2013 after less than two years.

Schroeder, 39, came from Ames, Iowa, and had been commander of the squadron since May 2014, Air Force Times said.

Air Force officials confirm to News Channel5 that the alleged shooter at the Lackland Air Force Base fatal shooting in Texas is from Northeast Ohio.

LaBrutta, the base's commander, said only security officers and law enforcement are allowed to carry guns, and that it was unclear how the shooter was able to gain access while armed. The base is an entry processing point for Air Force enlisted basic training, and the 342nd squadron is dedicated to entry-level training for all battlefield airmen, such as pararescuemen, combat controllers, and special operations weather airmen. A year before that three soldiers were killed and 16 wounded in an attack at Fort Hood near Killeen by Army Spc. The tech sergeant then opened fire in the commander's office and killed the commander before killing himself.

The deadliest attack to take place at a US military installation was the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood.

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