Microsoft releases new Windows Phone 'Redstone' preview build 14342

Microsoft releases new Windows Phone 'Redstone' preview build 14342

Microsoft releases new Windows Phone 'Redstone' preview build 14342

Guess what? Microsoft is doubling the number of those promoted apps, or ads, from five to 10 when it rolls out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer.

On Monday night, Microsoft announced a new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build. As you might expect, this build includes some new features and fixes, but it also introduces a new versioning scheme and supports more handset models than previous builds.

Windows Central explained that the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 can be tested starting with the Windows 10 build 14316 and later releases.

"Strategic measures have been established and are being finalized, but by the end of July, the Get Windows 10 app, which is responsible for facilitating the upgrade to Windows 10, will be disabled and ultimately detached from PCs worldwide".

So those are the facts laid out based on the presentation made at WinHec in April however, the reaction has been quite over the top it seems on social media and tech blogs/sites.

Ads for its apps.

That second part is important because these promoted apps, which will appear in tiles, will be personalised, regionalised and managed by a service that will refresh them on a regular basis.

The apps range from "Walking Scorer", which lets volunteers record data from each playing group at a given tournament, to "Grid View", which you can see in the photo above and lets volunteers digitally input ball position. Microsoft also hopes that this convenience rollup will help organizations deal with the process of regularly updating their Windows 7 machines to keep up with the latest updates. However, going by the latest news about Windows 10 Mobile, Engadget states that support for fingerprint scanning could be arriving soon.

When the service officially launches, it will be available only to firms with Windows 10 Enterprise - the most sophisticated and expensive SKU (stock-keeping unit) within the franchise - Mehdi said in February.

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