NBA semifinals results and predictions

NBA semifinals results and predictions

NBA semifinals results and predictions

Well, we all know that in theory, the finals must be more tough and intense than semifinals. It’s a natural law. Of course, the semifinals are more difficult than previous round and so on.

And, apparently this theory does not work for Cleveland Cavaliers and Raptors of Toronto, who met during the finals of Eastern Conference.

Cavs are great, we knew that before. They crashed Pistons of Detroit, and not just once, but four times, with the average 8.5 points in advantage.  And we must remember the huge battle with Atlanta Hawks and 12.5 extra points’ victory.

So, of course, our bet is on Cavaliers for the finals. They met Raptors and received two victories with 25 points. 

However, Raptors are not the weak rivals that will beg for mercy. They were the second during the East conference, scoring 56 wins.

Their last game finished with 108-89 points in Thursday, after 115-84 points on Tuesday.

And all is going great for Cavs, right? Well, not quite so. If we will watch these matches again, we can notice that their victories in finals were much easier than in semis. Of course, Cavs will never admit it.  They have already received ten straight victories. Now, if they will get another victory this Saturday during the third game in Toronto, they will become another legend in NBA, like Los Angeles Lakers in 1989 or Lakers in 2001.

Oklahoma City and Golden State Warriors both had to struggle much harder than Cavs in their road to the eternal NBA glory. The finals seem to be an easy-peasy for them, without making an effort to show their best.

The Finals will begin on June, 2. And we hope to see what the Cavs is capable of. They had to be prepared for Toronto, and Detroit with Atlanta before, so maybe they will show a great game no matter what their opponents will do.

For now, they are training hard, watching all the mistakes that they have made during the match and working on its correction, developing numerous strategies for different situations, eating only right food, and so on.

As LeBron James has said, the team does not hurry up; they are making one step by another, noticing every mistake during their glorious walk. 

He also mentioned that it was a hard struggle for them, and now they can’t rest, preparing for a new struggle.

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