Prince got 'powerful' drugs from more than one doctor

Sources with direct knowledge of the case have told the Star Tribune that they are investigating whether an overdose of opioids led to Prince's death.

The official spoke to the Associated Press a day after it was reported the pioneering musician was found with opioid prescription medication on him at the time of his sudden death.

Jackson was supplied drugs from several doctors, one of whom, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to prison.

Prince, whose full name was Prince Rogers Nelson, died at his home, a compound known as Paisley Park, in suburban Minneapolis on April 21.

There are other rumors about what could have caused Prince's death.

Although the said painkillers cannot simply be removed from suspicion, the death of Prince could also be due to a nasty incident of flu.

"Detectives are increasingly looking at Prince's medical history and how he was able to obtain drugs that are only available on prescription", Mirror quoted a source as saying. Doctors recommended he stay in hospital for 24 hours, however, Prince reportedly checked himself out after just three hours, apparently because the hospital couldn't meet his demand for a private room. However, they said staff from Paisley Park assured them that "Prince wanted this event to happen".

The DEA routinely assists local authorities in investigations involving prescription drugs, and a DEA official says the agency stands ready to assist if it is needed.

The authorities have said that at least four weeks would be needed for results of his autopsy, which was conducted before his cremation last week.

The music legend had hip replacement surgery in 2010. We dont know to what extent pharmaceuticals could be a part of this.”.

An affidavit in support of sealing the warrant, signed by Carver County Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud, also warned that disclosing details in the warrant could cause "the search or related searches to be unsuccessful" and risk injury to innocent people.

He played two shows in the city on April 14 as an apology.

Prince's long-time friend, fellow musician and ex-fiance Sheila E. told Entertainment Tonight he was always in pain because of his performances in heels throughout the years.

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