Ryan Howard Receives Immense Support as Police Pursue a Man Who Hurled a Beer Bottle at the Phillies Player

Ryan Howard Receives Immense Support as Police Pursue a Man Who Hurled a Beer Bottle at the Phillies Player

Ryan Howard Receives Immense Support as Police Pursue a Man Who Hurled a Beer Bottle at the Phillies Player

Ryan Howard has spoken out for the first time after a man hurled a beer bottle at him while leaving the pitch immediately after their game on Saturday. Even though police officers in Philadelphia are still in the hunt for the culprit, the Phillies player expressed his sentiments about the incident, with fans of online MLB sportsbook also condemned such condescending actions.

Howard told reporters that the incident is a disappointing act, and with the efforts he has made for the city, he does not care about other people’s sentiments regarding the way he plays. He also said that such actions are unnecessary and no one else should attempt it because it turns out to be personal. The disappointing incident took place around 1832hrs within Citizen's Bank Park. Investigators claim that, as Howard walked towards the dugout, the culprit hurled the aluminum bottle onto the field, but did not hit Howard.

According to the police, the bottle thrower fled the scene on his own, which led to Phillies' security director reporting the incident on Sunday afternoon. Investigators describe the suspect as a 30-35 year-old white, averagely built, with reddish-brown hair. During the incident, he had pale red shorts, a Phillies jersey (gray) with red inscriptions, and a red-brimmed Blue Phillies hat. Consistent with pictures released by the police, Ryan seemed to have looked towards the suspect's direction.

Lt. John Stanford of Philadelphia police affirmed that they would eventually apprehend the man as soon as possible because the Phillies organization have many cameras floating within and around the stadium. Therefore, it will be easy to identify the man and bring him to justice. He appealed to the public to notify their police department if they have any leads to arrest the suspect who could pay hefty fines for disorderly conduct.

According to a tweet by Jamie Parody, the sports reporter of Action News, Ryan Howard expressed his discontent with the bottle-throwing incident. Jamie echoed Howard’s sentiments that treating a person like that blots the entire fan base and he hopes that the culprit will be brought to justice after all. Howard appreciates the support he has received after the demeaning incident, and stated that his dignity and high ranking could not allow him to run after the bottle-throwing fan. 

According to Philadelphia Police, the inhumane act does not symbolize both Philadelphia and its supporters. Stanford said that Howard has played for the Phillies for a long time and for a random person to act like that against such a polished player does not represent Philadelphia. Howard showed his rage on Sunday and did not respond to inquisitive reporters. Peter Mackanin, the Phillies manager also expressed that such incidences are dangerous to both the victim and the culprit.

Many fans, along with his teammates have supported Ryan through the ordeal. Cameron Rupp, Phillies catcher honestly expressed his disappointment about the incident, stating that Ryan has done so much for their team; winning an MVP and a World Series in his career. Jim Kenney, the Mayor of Philadelphia admitted that the incident is unacceptable by all standards and beseeched every fan to restrain from related acts. Medford Lakes’ Bob Gibson said that Ryan has brought joy to the city during his career and the suspect is evidently not a Phillies fan. Drexel Hill’s Darlene Riley condemned the act as a shame, unwarranted, and needless. However, the beer-throwing incident is just the most recent unpleasant incident involving a Philadelphia fan. During a Flyers game, after honoring the late Ed Snider, livid fans decided to toss wristbands on the ice.

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