ACLU, other groups sue Baton Rouge police over treatment of shooting protesters

Cameron Sterling son of Alton Sterling who was killed by Baton Rouge police last Tuesday speaks to the media outside the Triple S Food Mart where his father was killed in Baton Rouge La. Wednesday

ACLU, other groups sue Baton Rouge police over treatment of shooting protesters

In the early morning that Alton Sterling was killed, police officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake responded to a disturbance call that claimed someone had a gun and pointed at them.

Since the shooting of Sterling by Baton Rouge police, the department has come under heavy criticism for the way it has handled the subsequent protests. Over a three-day period, police arrested 200 protesters and were assailed for their heavy-handed tactics. "None what so ever" said Sterling.

The alleged plot was revealed by Baton Rouge police Chief Carl Dabadie in a press conference.

Police have said officers were called to the scene because of reports a man with a gun was threatening someone outside a convenience store.

The first suspect arrested told police that "the reason the burglary was being done was to harm police officers", Dabadie said.

"The goal of this Situational Information Report is to alert first responders of threats to law enforcement and potential threats to the safety of the general public", the document said.

Alton Sterling's death last week, and the police shooting of another black man the next day in Minnesota, thousands across the country participated in protests over police violence. "Unfortunately, this exercise of constitutional rights has been met with a military-grade assault on protesters' bodies and rights".

Law enforcement officers gave contradictory and confusing orders to protesters and then arrested them when they didn't comply.

"We follow up on every single one of them", Edmonson said in regard to a question about threats made against officers. While the younger Sterling understood peoples' desire to speak out in his father's memory, he stressed the importance of protesting peacefully.

Officers have faced criticism for wearing full riot gear and detaining some leaders of the protests.

A group of local organizations are suing the Baton Rouge police over their treatment of demonstrators protesting the shooting death of a 37-year-old black man. The officers illegally placed Muflahi in custody, confiscated his cell phone and locked him in the back of a police vehicle for approximately four hours, during which time he was prevented from calling his family or contacting an attorney, the complaint says.

The Los Angeles native hopped on Instagram Wednesday (July 13) and applauded Cameron Sterling's televised pro-peace press conference.

He said that he feels that his father, who did have a criminal record, was "a good man".

In the wake of nationwide protests, Cameron Sterling on Wednesday asked people to "come together as one united family".

Cameron Sterling gathered in front of reporters at Triple's Convenience Store where his father, Alton Sterling, died.

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