Alden Ehrenreich Officially Confirmed as Young Han Solo at Star Wars Celebration

Rumors that Alden Ehrenreich will be the new Han Solo has been now been confirmed.

The end of Star Wars Celebration is upon us, but if we have learned anything from this event, they generally save the best for last.

Harrison Ford, now 73, played the character in the original Star Wars movies.

According to the studio, Alden Ehrenreich, the breakout star of Coen Brothers movie Hail Caesar! They also revealed that shooting will be at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom and will begin in late January or early February using much of the same crew from Rogue One and Episode VIII.

Watch Alden in his hilarious breakout role in the video player below!

Carrie Fisher has revealed a major scene in "Star Wars: Episode VIII" will be Han Solo's funeral and the cast have been shooting it recently.

While it would be "nerdvana" if Ford can play the part forever, we always have to face reality.

"You're the new Han Solo!". However, Miller added, "It was a waste of money because the person to get the part was literally the first person to walk through the door".

While it's worrisome that they didn't go through the entire pool, the decision was not made on a whim. They both moved to London two days ago, and will be working on the script with Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan, according to Deadline, "with six months of prep ahead of them".

Johnson acknowledged that Episode VIII is going to break Star Wars tradition in that it's starting right from where The Force Awakens left off, with Rey handing Hamill's reclusive Luke Skywalker his old lightsaber.

The Han Solo standalone film will take place, like Rogue One and the animated series Star Wars Rebels, in the time between Episodes 3 and 4, and will deal with how Han Solo became the characters fans first met in A New Hope.

Besides getting to head Star Wars directors also jump in front of the camera.

She explained: "Han and I have a very, very volatile relationship, obviously, which leads to space divorce as you know". When you tell him not to do something, it makes him want to do it more.

Production on the as-yet-untitled Han Solo film is expected to start early next year, and should hit theaters in May 2018.

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