Arlington Police Urge Safe, Fun Use of Pokémon Go App


Arlington Police Urge Safe, Fun Use of Pokémon Go App

HORDES of people are rushing to become part of the Pokemon Go revolution, but joining the game might be putting the personal information of iPhone users at risk.

The release of the new Pokemon Go game is a mess and Niantic Labs are scrambling to make things right for their fans.

The game uses Global Positioning System and mapping capabilities in mobile phones to let players roam the real world to find "PokeStops" stocked with supplies and hunt cartoon character monsters to capture and train for battles.

Players are encouraged to join one of three "teams" that work together in an attempt to win territory.

Original story - Pokemon GO is huge and it is still growing, and while it does sound like a fun game, it seems that there have been some concerns brought up about the app.

Pokemon Go comes with warnings to players to remain aware of their surroundings.

The app's popularity has sent shares in Nintendo, which has invested in the game's developer Niantic after it was spun off from tech giant Google, soaring by more than 40 percent over three trading sessions in Japan.

That, and the fact that instead of two factions in Ingress (Enlightened and Resistance - hint, join the heroic Enlightened and help the author save the planet from the evil resistance) there are three in Pokemon Go and in both games the goal is to gain territory for your faction by linking up triangles of portals in Ingress or by simply capturing gyms in Pokemon Go.

"We haven't seen a lot of games really taking advantage of that, really getting people walking around, out of their homes", Arrington said.

In Missouri, police have reported that armed robbers are using Pokémon Go to lure victims into isolated places before robbing them.

A Pokemon "walk" in Sydney on Sunday saw thousands of gamers descend on the iconic harbour, chasing virtual cartoon character monsters around the Opera House and Botanical Gardens with their mobile phones. You throw a little ball at them to capture them. Let us know in the comments section.

Pokemon Go is not just heavily downloaded, it is being kept by players and, in the majority of cases, played daily on a scale that already rivals the use ot Twitter, according to industry trackers.

"I have always liked the idea of going around the real world to collect and catch Pokemon; it has been a dream of mine", Garcia said.

The video game developer was an internal startup at Google.

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