Chris Evans Quits 'Top Gear' After One Season Of Revamped BBC Show

Chris Evans Quits 'Top Gear' After One Season Of Revamped BBC Show

Chris Evans Quits 'Top Gear' After One Season Of Revamped BBC Show

July 4 may not be a holiday in the United Kingdom, but Chris Evans has just declared his independence from motoring show Top Gear. As a result, the series ratings took a major hit with its most recent episode pulling a mere 1.9 million total viewers - marking a series low in total viewers.

According to BBC News, Chris announced he is stepping down as the presenter after just a series, because sometimes, giving the best shot is just not enough.

The BBC said the new series had more than 30 million views in the United Kingdom alone, and had already been sold to 130 territories worldwide.

'I remain a huge fan of the show, always have been, always will be'. He also said he will always remain a fan of Top Gear.

"Stepping down from Top Gear", he said on Twitter.

It also emerged he was facing a police probe following historic accusations of sexual assault.

His departure from the show, which was dubbed "Flop Gear" after his take over, dominated the national papers this morning - which he then had to review on air.

Top Gear suffered its worst ratings of the series during last night's finale, falling by nearly 50 per cent since the opening episode.

The series debuted in May, featuring Evans and former FRIENDS star Matt LeBlanc.

Before season 23 began in late May, the BBC said Top Gear had an estimated global audience of 350 million people, with local versions in the United States, China, France, South Korea and Italy.

Evans had signed a three-year deal with the BBC to revive the world's biggest motoring show following the firing last year of Jeremy Clarkson after he punched a producer.

"Chris is an enormously popular radio presenter and TV show host, but he hasn't quite gelled with this show", he added. I wasn't expecting it this quickly, but I did think Chris would step down from it.

This sure sounds like there's more going on behind the scenes, especially with those rumors popping up saying LeBlanc would leave the show if Evans didn't!

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