Chris Hemsworth says Tom Hiddleston is very happy with Taylor Swift while asked the 35-year-old actor about his relationship with Swift, and he said, "Well, um".

Squad member and supermodel Martha Hunt got to spend some time with Taylor's new British boy toy over the Fourth of July, and according to a recent interview, Tom is officially Taylor-tested and squad-approved. But now, Chris Hemsworth is adding truth to their quickie romance, expressing that he's "seen tom around", and "he looks happy!" He also attended a July 4 party at her house in Rhode Island, where he was pictured wearing an "I heart T.S." t-shirt.

Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt discussed her BFF Taylor Swift's rebound romance with the "very charming" Tom Hiddleston in Manhattan on Thursday night.

Tom further stated that it is not a publicity stunt. Taylor and Tom are an actual, legit couple who are nothing but happy.

Now shooting for the next "Thor" movie in Australia, Tom was approached by The Hollywood Reporter to find out how excited he was after getting his first Emmy nomination.

The actor is now in Australia where he's filming the Marvel sequel Thor: Ragnarok. But for the most part, neither has said anything in the press about how they got together (though we sense their terrific dancing chemistry at the Met Gala in May might have helped).

"The truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we're very happy", he told the publication. "Thanks for asking", he stated. Did you even know they were friends with Chris?

"Taylor's totally into him", another source previously told Us.

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