Clinton, Trump cancel events after attack

Donald Trump on Thursday told the Senate Republicans and the House of Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club that he will put Connecticut, Washington, Oregon and MI in play.

Mr Cruz said on Thursday that his discussion with Mr Trump had been "positive and productive" and that he had agreed to speak at the Republican convention - but, he added: "There was no discussion of any endorsement". Texas' Senior Senator John Cornyn said it was a "good exchange" but some were candid about some of the reasons for concern in terms of Trump's tone and style.

When Trump threatened to attack Flake publicly and predicted he would lose re-election, Flake responded that he is not on the ballot this year. "I think you have to expect that you're going to get Donald Trump". Ted Cruz, his former rival in the GOP primary, to speak at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

"Yes, I'm the other senator from Arizona - the one who didn't get captured - and I want to talk to you about statements like that", he said. The Tennessee lawmaker said he believed Trump had succeeded. Cruz said he accepted Trump's offer.

Donald Trump has made the rounds of Republicans in Washington DC in a bid to convince the party's elected officials that he ought to be their standard-bearer at November's presidential election. "And we just need to make sure we stay together". "My position remains, I want to support the nomination".

And some have continued to insist that Trump is more interested in winning - now by defeating presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton - than in actually serving as president of the United States and commander in chief, with all its tremendous power and responsibility. The Trump campaign confirmed that they were down to the last $1.3 million.

Asked about them later, Kirk told The Associated Press: "I've run for election six times in IL".

Trump also emphasized his plan to repeal President Barack Obama's health law, reduce regulatory burdens, overhaul tax laws and remake the Supreme Court as "one that is more reflective of the values of the country", according to Rep. Tom Price of Georgia. Trump also announced that his children Ivanka, Tiffany, Don, and Eric will have speaking roles and his wife, Melania, also will take to the stage at the Quicken Loans Arena.

Senator Mark Kirk of IL didn't attend the meeting.

In his meeting with senators, perhaps the most tense moment came in a confrontation with Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona. So in a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there should be no mystery.

Even if Trump earned few new endorsements, he did not leave Capitol Hill empty handed.

It was the first time the pair have met since Cruz dropped out of the presidential race two months ago.

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