Corporate lawyers argue over whether Colbert can be Colbert

CBS isn't bound by the strictures of Colbert's Comedy Central contract.

"Which is surprising", Colbert added, "[because] I never considered that guy much of an intellectual".

Colbert likely thought he was done feuding with Viacom after leaving his Comedy Central show. It could be trademarked, she says, but trademarking that character would require Stephen Colbert's permission, as the two share a name.

Last night, Original Stephen Colbert I introduced Stephen Colbert II's identical twin cousin, Stephen Colbert III.

"That's my twin cousin".

Just add in Colbert's new segment, "The Werd", and you've got a bit unique and fun enough to get past the corporate lawyers.

Today's big victor is the slash-fiction community. The ratings are a disaster, losing out to re-runs of other late night shows, and he has been bashed for not finding his footing as a host.

"You might have to vote for a person you don't really want", he said on the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. At the time, NBC's president said Letterman could not take popular features like the Top 10 list and Stupid Pet Tricks with him because they were the "intellectual property" of NBC.

Without wasting much time, Colbert jumped right to the hacked email controversy that led to the resignation of the Democratic National Committee chairwoman.

We'll have to see how this whole legal drama plays out, but even if the Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report is no more, at least we still have Stephen Colbert and Stephen Colbert.

Rather, Colbert suggested that this year's election should have Americans vote against a candidate, rather than for them.

"Totally different guy", the newly-discovered Colbert reassured the real Colbert.

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