Cruz in Rear View Mirror, Trump Accepts Nomination

Ted Cruz on Friday, rehashing a long list of grievances from their primary battle during a news conference here only hours after he accepted the Republican Party's presidential nomination at a weeklong convention meant to unite the party. According to a June 2015 Gallup poll, 4 in 10 Americans want to keep immigration levels at their present level and a quarter want to increase the level of immigration to the United States.

But Trump, as if to drive the point home, said it not once, but twice.

Speaking "to every parent who dreams for their child, and every child who dreams for their future", Trump said: "I am with you, I will fight for you, and I will win for you".

Republicans can either allow Trump to rebrand the GOP as unstable, xenophobic and crude, or they can regain control of their party. But he seemed surprised when his constituents didn't boo him off the stage for saying it?

"I think (she's) the best thing he's got going and his kids if you want to know the truth." he continued during the almost 15-minute ramble about Cruz. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Trump "is essentially telling Russians/other bad actors" that the United States "is not fully committed to supporting North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance". Cruz criticized Trump for involving his wife; Trump's rebuttal at the time was to accuse a Super PAC affiliated with Cruz of sending a risque photo of Melania Trump to Utah voters.

But that did little to appease them. The stop-Trumpers were angry twice when they couldn't get rule changes on Monday or the roll call on Tuesday to go their way.

Donald Trump's acceptance speech was a wee bit too long, but I don't think he did anything to hurt himself tonight.

"No one has more faith in the American people than my father".

Openly gay men addressed GOP conventions in 1996 and 2000 but did not mention their sexuality. were gay.

Ingraham said Trump told friends and advisers that he was happy with the way the political drama had unfolded. I'm a naturalized US citizen, very proud to be an American citizen.

"I recognize there are some folks here and elsewhere at the convention who are not happy with me", Cruz said. Ted Cruz, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and the rest picked an ironic time to undermine it, since the party has never been more thoroughly conservative (at least as reflected in elected officials) than it was in 2016. Much of the convention arena was enthralled. He was called a "blue-collar billionaire" in remarks Thursday by Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of the evangelical Christian school Liberty University.

Ivanka Trump is vouching for her dad with women and minorities - two groups Donald Trump has struggled to win over.

"His hatred toward anybody is a huge concern", said Jay Brown of the Human Rights Campaign. "When he attacks women, he attacks us. When he attacks Muslims, he's attacking us". At a critical moment, when the party of Lincoln had uncomfortably but nonetheless thoroughly embraced a lifelong Democrat/reality star/violence-abettor - and when few leading Republicans had demonstrated the courage to oppose him - Cruz did.

"They are hell-bent on keeping this a political issue", said Republican strategist Richard Grenell.

And who is going to alter longtime trade policies?

At the brunch - held in a literal big tent at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, pro-LGBT Republicans sipped mimosas and mingled with transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner while a man carried a rainbow version of the Gadsden flag _ a tea party symbol.

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