Donald Trump Jr: We Learned from People with Common Sense'

What did you think about Trump's speech

What did you think about Trump's speech

Trump shared stories of working alongside her father, which included a special emphasis on the women that he himself promoted.

She described what it was like to grow up in the shadow of a real-estate billionaire, constructing Lego buildings on the floor of her father's office as a young girl while he "built the same things with glass and steel".

"American families need relief", she told a packed stadium. "He taught us to work for the betterment of those around us".

Ivanka also characterized her father as someone who reaches out to help people, even mentioning the now notorious black felt-tip pen he has been known to use to write notes to people.

After a compelling, motivational video biography rolled about Trump's life and work, the tune "Here Comes the Sun" began - and the accomplished mother of three did indeed beam like the sun as she took the stage and made her father sound, not like the Republican nominee, but a liberal. "He would talk to them and then draw upon his extensive network to find them a job or get them a break". "This woman I've been saying for some time is the greatest asset Donald trump has". The big question is, can Ivanka persuade some female voters to support her father?

"My father values talent", Ivanka said. An icon in her own right, Ivanka Trump has provided a friendly face for the campaign, adding a softer touch to her father's more extreme rhetoric and defending him from accusations of misogyny and bigotry. "He hires the best person for the job, period..."

"He will fight for equal pay for equal work".

Today, the family business is as much about politics as it is real estate, with Ivanka Trump and her siblings as involved in the campaign as they would be in a development deal.

I hesitate to view the behavior of Donald Trump as a reflection of anything other than the behavior of Donald Trump. In an interview with People, Ivanka revealed that after Donald and Ivana Trump's explosive split in 1991, her parents protected her and her brothers from the tabloid fallout. "I have days where I think it's great", he said.

In doing so, she showed us all that she's not only smart, she's savvier than you think. Delegates cheered her testament to her father, and she came across as articulate and poised.

Ivanka Trump also said her father would adopt a number of positions traditionally backed by Democrats, including equal pay for women.

"Part of the reason we have such a good relationship is because he respects me, and because I'm candid in my opinions, and I share them, solicited or otherwise", she told CNN.

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