Facebook updates Live video


Business Insider Jillian D'Onfro

Oddly enough this option is only for iOS as Android devices will only be getting full screen mode later this summer. Last week, Live was used heavily to broadcast events during the failed military coup in Turkey.

Facebook will now let users broadcast up to four hours of video with Facebook Live.

This one's different, trust us.

However users will need to ensure they stay within the limits of their phone contract, as many don't offer the opportunity for long-term video watching. Plus, it's just nice if you want to keep your video clutter-free.

In other words, the new update will allow users to go live in full screen.

In addition to this, users will also have access to the video-only mode, which temporarily hides comments and other reactions.

Android devices, for now, only support full screen in portrait mode, but Facebook plans to provide support for the landscape orientation on Android later this year, says an Engadget report.

How popular is the Live Video feature among ordinary users?

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Live video is rising to prominence as a powerful tool for sharing the news in the same way that Twitter came to limelight in 2009. Last month, Facebook started testing its offline video feature in India via the Facebook version 85 and 86 (beta) for Android.

Skeptics have raised concerns over the feature, saying the additional two hours would spread 'negativity.' However, the company has clarified through a blog post that it would keep a strict check on the videos being broadcast, ensuring nothing wrong or negative is shown.

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