Federal Judge Rules for Anti-Trump GOP Delegate

Presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a speech on veterans' issues during a campaign stop Monday in Virginia Beach Va

Mark Wilson Getty Images Presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a speech on veterans issues during a campaign stop Monday in Virginia Beach Va

Both are expected to feature their party's running mate on one night and culminate with a blockbuster speech by the party's presidential nominee.

The Republican National Committee's general counsel said the delegates selected in this year's primaries and caucuses were bound to support the candidate who won their state under rules adopted in 2012.

At issue in the lawsuit was a previously ignored part of Virginia election law that mandates delegates to the national convention to vote in a winner-take-all fashion, instead of proportionally as Republicans had planned.

"Today's decision should give comfort to all delegates that they can not be punished for voting their conscience at the Republican National Convention".

"Can you tell me, how can you morally justify your support for this kind of candidate?"

Next week, the Republican Party will convene in Cleveland, Ohio, for its 41st presidential convention.

And Caitlyn Jenner has her bags packed for Cleveland, but so far says she'll just be attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to talk about the GOP opening up to the transgendered community, not the convention itself.

The federal court ruling has no bearing on RNC rules, however, so the disagreement over whether delegates are in fact bound to a candidate will be hashed out next week on the convention floor.

The RNC rules panel voted down a proposal from RNC Oregon Committeeman Solomon Yue that would have pushed off any anti-Trump measures from taking effect until 2020. I'm not. I'm hearing less and less of it actually.

Anyway, we're doing our best to assess this new landscape now that Donald Trump is the "Republican" nominee ...

Others are more definitive.

White says he'll be voting for anyone but Donald Trump, who he says is a "divisive and controversial figure", and predicted 10-12 Arizona delegates in total are planning to vote their conscience and oppose Trump, while 20-30 more are "very sympathetic to the cause and on the fence".

Trump now has 1,542 delegates bound to him on the first ballot. The Trump train left the station long ago, while #NeverTrumpers think they can change history to bring it back. "He got 14 million votes and earned it".

"The combination of Reince Priebus delegates and Trump delegates will give him well over two-thirds", Evans said.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee, who endorsed Ted Cruz, also sits on the Rules Committee and his vote could be the one most watched by his fellow 111 committee members.

Solomon Yue, a GOP national committeeman from OR, is pushing a proposal that would keep any new rules from taking effect until after next week's convention.

Correll offered NBC News a victory lap on Monday, saying the GOP and the Trump campaign were "morbidly humiliated" by his federal court victory.

A lot depends on what happens in the Convention Rules Committee, which begins work Thursday and consists of delegates rather than RNC officials.

Unruh, Waters and their allies have other options.

CLEVELAND ― Just blocks from the arena where Donald Trump is to become the Republican Party's nominee for president, the resistance movement trying to stop it from happening is plotting its final stand.

"It is not my job as chairman of the convention to tell the delegates how to run their convention", the speaker said.

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