Gingrich: White Americans don't understand being black in America

Gingrich: White Americans don't understand being black in America

Gingrich: White Americans don't understand being black in America

Gingrich, a hawkish Republican not known for his sensitivity on civil rights, said white Americans "instinctively underestimate the level of discrimination and the level of additional risk" facing black Americans today.

"I think sometimes for whites, it's hard to appreciate how real that is and how it's an every day danger", Gingrich said.

Gingrich said that the USA had "come a fair distance" with regard to civil rights, but that he believed it had "stalled out on the cultural, economic, practical progress we needed".

Gingrich is speaking the truth - black people are more likely to be killed by cops than whites, and oftentimes this reality is frustratingly hard for white people to grasp.

"We've come a fair distance - we have a black mayor of Atlanta, and have had a series of them", added Gingrich, who spent his high school years in a segregated part of Georgia.

"Nobody is pointing to the fact that you have two groups in the country that actually are having a similar experience, and they actually at the end of the day have more solidarity because of it", Jones said before he compared the man who ambushed Dallas police officers Thursday night to the 21-year-old who shot a group of black churchgoers in SC in 2015. And it's going to require us as a people to have the courage to face reality that we need to change things so that people can get jobs, they can get educated, they can have a better future, they don't need to feel alienated. "The fact is that there are communities in America that are telling us they fear interacting with local law enforcement".

Black and white Americans "should start talking to each other instead of getting in their respective corners and throwing hand grenades at each other", he continued.

Jones said it was a signal of division in the country if one grew emotional this week over video of a black man bleeding out in a auto but not over news of police officers killed, or vice-versa. "And we ought to challenge the Hillary Clintons and the Bernie Sanderses to say that American lives matter". "I don't want to rush to judgment on either the Baton Rouge shooting or the Falcon Heights shooting, but based upon what we have seen, they look bad".

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