GOP Sen: Delegates 'Silenced' By Rules Committee, Forced To Support Trump

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GOP Sen: Delegates 'Silenced' By Rules Committee, Forced To Support Trump

The Republican party is preparing to meet in Cleveland for a national convention that will, most likely, nominate Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.

The convention's rules committee, dominated by Trump backers and top national and state GOP officials, used a voice vote late Thursday to reject the proposal, a result that was expected.

The 2016 Republican National Convention starts Monday and with approximately 2,470 delegates and 2,302 alternate delegates from across the country, it's created to be huge, in the words of the party's presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Unruh encountered overwhelming opposition from delegates arguing that it would be unthinkable for the party to abandon Trump after he overwhelmingly won GOP primaries and caucuses and garnered more than 13 million votes.

As Thursday's negotiations foundered, the alliance between the Trump campaign and leaders of the Republican National Committee showed its muscle and began rejecting conservatives' attempts to revamp party rules.

"I've been shopping and thinking about it and real excited about going", said Greenwood County delegate Jo Ann Burroughs.

However, the group was easily pushed back at a meeting of the so-called Rules Committee convened in Cleveland in the run-up to the convention, which formally opens on Monday and will continue for four days. It's being covered closely because of the impact the "Stop Trump" forces may have on the proceedings. On a previous vote by Trump supporters to shut down debate on her proposal, the vote was 77-21.

"I think we just got to a point where we thought, 'This is futile, '" RNC spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters Thursday evening. Make the case to those delegates who want to have a voice. On the other side was party loyalists and Trump backers.

"This was decorum of the process, this was trying to play by the rules, so Trump and the RNC chose to have a floor fight", Unruh said.

How many votes Unruh had exactly isn't known, because she failed to demand a recorded vote before the chairman ruled it closed.

Finally, it has been suggested that anti-Trump delegates sit out the first ballot.

Besides letting the delegates vote freely, there could be other fights as well. But if they are able to force a floor vote on the "unbinding" of delegates, we should then be prepared for an incredibly unpredictable convention. Ted Cruz and his abandoned presidential campaign, has said she expects to collect signatures from 28 members of the rules panel. Mike Pence isn't on the RNC Speakers list, especially given Trump's recent visit to Pence's IN home, where he reportedly discussed a potential vice presidential candidacy.

The incessant campaign of the anti-Trump rebellion rankled some of the delegates committed to the NY businessman. Trump's wife is always keen to make appearances on the campaign trail with her husband, but that doesn't mean she agrees with him politically.

Usually, each state delegation chairperson simply announces the state delegates' vote count, as it has been pre-assigned by party rules.

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