Jane Sanders: We're Going To Hold Clinton Accountable After Endorsing Her

"We don't look to be ruled", Obama said. "America is already strong", Obama said. "That type of person must never, ever become president".

In the biggest political speech of her lengthy career, Hillary Clinton will argue that the 2016 election marks a critical juncture in American history, with a stark choice between her and Republican Donald Trump. "Bernie or Bust" delegates allege the primary process was "rigged" to benefit Clinton, a claim they say was validated by a weekend leak of Democratic National Committee emails. After only a generation of striving for her party's presidential nomination, she has it. But just as important as the speech itself were her extemporaneous remarks beforehand, taking on a USA senator. "Could be like that", Clinton said.

"There's been a lot of difficulty in executing the will of Bernie Sanders' people and surrogates, and this was just a topping for the whole thing because she was ready to go". Trump's national security stumbles in questioning US support for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies and urging Russian Federation to meddle in the race provides a general-election opening for Clinton and other Democrats to reach out to Republicans.

Leesha Fagan of Grand Rapids said it was "beautiful" to see Sanders speak Thursday morning. Ellison was one of Sanders' earliest supporters.

"The truth is, through all these years of public service, the "service" part has always come easier to me than the "public" part", she said.

Clinton was introduced by her daughter, Chelsea, who spoke warmly of her mother as a woman "driven by compassion, by faith, by kindness, a fierce sense of justice, and a heart full of love". She'll vote for Stein.

On Friday, Clinton and Kaine hit the road on a three-day Rust Belt bus tour through parts of swing states Pennsylvania and OH, where they will make their pitch in person to voters.

It remains an open question as to whether chants of U-S-A, General Allen's words and the moving advocacy of Mr. Khan, the father of a Muslim Army officer who was killed in Iraq, will fundamentally alter perceptions of the Democrats and Secretary Clinton as weak on national security and undermine Donald Trump's assertive and sometimes jingoistic calls for eliminating ISIS.

The convention has been rocked with intra-party strife, as supporters of Sen.

Sanders outlined how his campaign helped pushed the Democratic Party to the left.

Michelle Obama made clear this week that she is all-in for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. "But we are not afraid", she will say, according to advance excerpts provided by her campaign. "These are major steps forward". On Monday, Sanders urged his supporters to support Clinton and vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine, but his remarks were booed by the crowd.

MI delegation breakfasts this week had been marked by a series of interruptions from Sanders faithful.

Trump, a political novice, managed to defy odds in winning the Republican nomination and his unorthodox style has drawn him into a dead heat with Clinton in most recent national polls. The Founders showed us that. "And if he doesn't, we need to get him out of the way".

Thursday night's convention lineup will also showcase Democratic up-and-comers, including Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro; Katie McGinty, a Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, and Illinois Rep. Tammy Duckworth, also a candidate for the Senate. Hillary Clinton is the corrupt insider.

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