Kabali Frenzy: What Fans Have Done For Rajinikanth!

Fans of Indian superstar Rajinikanth offer prayers outside a cinema before the screening of

Kabali Frenzy: What Fans Have Done For Rajinikanth!

Rajinikanth's Kabali has hit the theatres today and got an wonderful response from audiences.

A few Kannada activists, led by former lawmaker Vatal Nagaraj of a regional Kannada Chakluvali Vatal Paksha protested against the hype and euphoria created by Rajini's fans, distributors, theatres, multiplexes, media and corporates by declaring holiday for their employees to watch the movie.

Sports cars, buses and even India's ubiquitous "auto rickshaws" in south India are driving down the streets with Kabali imagery emblazoned all over them.

Commenting on the record-breaking streams, Swaroop Reddy, President, Think Music, says, "We, at Think Music, are immensely thrilled to know that the audio of KABALI has achieved a record number of streams on Saavn".

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Rajinikanth's Kabali released amidst fanfare on Friday.

"Everyone should watch this movie as it has a social message behind it", Gopi said.

A laborer work to remove water from an overflowing tank next to the posters displaying pictures of Indian actor Rajinikanth at a theatre on the eve of release of his new movie "Kabali" in Chennai, India, Thursday, July 21, 2016.

Not only in Chennai, but Mumbai too was down with "Kabali" fever as the city's Aurora Theatre (the owner is a Rajinikanth fan) witnessed similar frenzy on Friday (July 22). First day first show. Since his debut in 1975, Rajanikanth has acted in over 150 films, many of which have broken box office records.

Among the many reactions on Twitter, the one by filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar really stood out as he took a stance that was quite against what most critics have been saying.

Not only this but Kabali tickets outside India were sold out in flat 2 hours of its availability, now that's what we call Mega Stardom.

Due to fans' pressure, the theatre had applied for permission to screen the film at 3 a.m. on Friday, but it was denied by the concerned authorities. Said Raju, a fan, "The first-day, first-shows are meant for fans like us". Kabali was released on more than 4800 screens worldwide and it goes on a height and really loved by the audience. KABALI starts off in the scenic location of Malaysia, where everyone's favourite don Kabaleeswaram aka Kabali (Rajnikanth) is released from jail.

Some of the single-screen theatres such as Nataraja, Cauvery and Urvashi are preferred by cine-goers because they have been screening Rajinikanth movies since decades.

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