Local delegates prepare for RNC

Local GOP Delegates are ready for the National Convention

Local delegates prepare for RNC

The Rules Committee of the Republican National Convention has finished its work, essentially quashing the efforts to block Donald Trump from securing the nomination.

Adams, Ottawa County's Republican Party chairman, will travel to Cleveland on Sunday to take part in the GOP convention. He said he plans to visit that site next week for a review of security preparations.

JULY 15-Tim Tebow is such a big Donald Trump fan that he did not even bother to vote for the multimillionaire in the recent Republican presidential primary in Florida, state records show.

The Republican National Convention is sure to be a insane mess of a show, rife with violence and anger and ... no actual Republicans?

The RNC Committee on Rules met Thursday to discuss proposed amendments to the party's rules for the 2016 national convention and all future conventions.

Rep. Tom Rice, who will be attending the convention, supported Graham's presidential bid early on.

The national convention will be a "much different experience" than those at the state level, he said.

"I'm listed as a Cruz delegate", Anderson said.

The votes came near the end of a marathon 14-hour session of the rules committee to set any changes ahead of next week's convention to officially nominate Trump as the Republican presidential candidate.

After last night's Rules Committee vote, it's fair to say she's unlikely to succeed.

"I think it's ironic that Donald Trump, who claims to be an outsider, is working hand-in-glove with the RNC [Republican National Committee] to work this process", Dickey says.

Jean Turner of Gibsonburg has been an OH delegate to the Republican National Convention twice - in 2008 for John McCain and 2012 for Mitt Romney.

Inland delegates include Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley, who said he was approached about becoming a delegate by Tim Clark, Trump's California state director.

"We have to elect him".

Adams said that as she prepares for her trip, she is looking forward to hearing Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan speak to the convention. Foes said they believed the movement was essentially finished. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he was a friend of Trump's, but ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Brady won't be speaking, either.

That said, a high percentage of Republicans will need to support Trump for him to be successful, Anderson said.

Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, and the party's two most recent presidential nominees, John McCain and Mitt Romney, plan to skip the event, as does Ohio Gov. John Kasich, another Trump primary challenger. "We're here to be good team players. We all want our families to be prosperous", she said.

Republican National Convention Delegate Michael Garrison in front of Temecula City Hall on Thursday.

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