Mom Who Shielded Sons in Dallas Advises America to 'Learn to Love'

Taylor said that she made a decision to bring her children to the protest after speaking about the police shooting deaths of two black men, Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota. "They surrounded my son and I", Taylor explained, "and I saw another officer get shot right in front of me".

Just then, she looked up to see a police officer delivering bad news to a colleague. According to ABC News, Taylor has already undergone surgery for her injuries and is now recovering.

"He said, 'He has a gun, run, ' and my kids started running", she said. Despite being anxious for her children, she was also concerned for the families of the victims involved in the shooting. A surgeon says she was fortunate she did not have any nerve or artery damage.

"I was just laying on top of him", she said.

Shetamia is expected to make a full recovery.

Shetamia Taylor is still recovering at Baylor University Hospital.

In the haze and fury of the ambush that left 12 Dallas law enforcement officers shot, five fatally, Wisner, 33, was approached by a boy.

She thanked police for protecting her and her sons in the chaos that erupted, saying she always held police officers "in a very high place".

"I was scared, I really didn't know what was going to happen", Jamar Taylor, 12, told reporters, breaking into sobs as he described becoming separated from his mother.

"But all she could think about was her other three boys", Williams said. She got emotional when she talked about what happened next.

Jajuan had dropped his cellphone and hers was dead, so she suggested they head for her truck to charge it and try calling.

"I'm thankful for all of them, because they had no regard for their own life."
According to the Associated Press, Taylor was attending the protest with her four sons and the way she became wounded was quite heroic.

She grabbed her son, Andrew Humphrey, and tackled him to the ground, shielding his body with hers.

Taylor's son took to Twitter on Friday to address the reports about his mom, alluding that there would be more information to be released about Taylor in the next few days.

"They have a clear understanding of how the world really can be and how some people are selfish and they don't take into consideration the lives of others", she said. Taylor expressed gratitude to Dallas police as she recounted how she and her three sons ran while Micah Johnson, 25, opened fire from the El Centro Community College parking garage.

Wisner is still happy that she went to the protest, which for her, was not an expression of the hate that ruined so many lives Thursday. I'm not an activist or a politician.But I'm not gonna stop.

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