Most memorable lines from RNC's third night

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump take part in a GOP presidential debate in Coral Gables Fla. in March

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump take part in a GOP presidential debate in Coral Gables Fla. in March

It might be noted that the writer of the CR article is Ted Cruz's Communications veteran, Amanda Carpenter.

On Wednesday evening, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was booed off the Republican National Convention stage in Cleveland, OH when he REFUSED to endorse his party's presidential nominee Donald Trump. As he walked off the stage, the crowd booed.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the former presidential candidate turned staunch loyal to Trump, told CNN's Dana Bash that Cruz's speech was "awful". I expect Cruz to vote the straight GOP ticket in November - "There is a profound difference in our two parties' visions for the future", he told delegates - and a Trump endorsement could be upcoming. "I'm not going to get into criticizing or attacking Donald Trump". On the other side, his refusal can be considered a mistake, as it did nothing but alienate the voters he needs to win in four years.

Cruz told Republicans to vote their conscience Wednesday night at the party's national convention in Cleveland. He did not, however, endorse Trump. While many former candidates who made appearances at the convention to coronate Trump, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, used their speeches to promote party unity around the real estate mogul, some have chosen not to.

Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa., a Trump supporter, said he is disappointed Cruz didn't endorse Trump but he's not surprised. While some chanted "Vote for Trump!" others just yelled "say it!" "This is not politics", Cruz added.

Ted Cruz, who had a bitter primary campaign against Donald Trump, began his speech saying: "I want to congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination last night". "I think from all the points he covered in his speech, that they're going to be a wonderful team", Cannon said. "I will note, sir, that you might have a similar view if someone were attacking your wife".

Cruz nevertheless continued: "We must make the most of our moments - to fight for freedom, to protect our God-given rights, even of those with whom we don't agree - so that when we are old and gray and when our work is done, and we give those we love one final kiss goodbye, we will be able to say freedom matters, and I was part of something handsome".

King's words were drowned out by a raucous standing ovation from Trump supporters.

Cruz, he said mockingly is "a strict constitutionalist (who) chose not to accept the strict terms of the pledge that he signed".

According to media reports, Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson would not let Cruz into his suite at the convention following the speech. "We've produced a nominee, and that person is Donald Trump, and he's the only person who stands between Hillary Clinton becoming president".

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