Pokemon GO is Finally Out in the UK Wild

Pokemon GO is Finally Out in the UK Wild

Pokemon GO is Finally Out in the UK Wild

To play the game, you're going to have to use Global Positioning System and mobile data.

Pokemon Go: what is it and why are so many people obsessed with it?

The augmented reality game that has been sweeping the world can now legitimately be downloaded on IOS and Android devices in the UK. "#PokemonGO is now officially available to be installed from Google Play or iTunes", tweeted the official Pokemon Go account. This Game uses Global Positioning System, which is only for compatible devices. It is released with the initial Android version of 0.29.0, and an update has been released fixing the bugs present in the prior version. The version available is the name out in other markets such as Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, version 1.02 on iOS and version 0.29.2 on Android.

In other news, two US Marines who were playing Pokemon Go helped catch an attempted murder suspect this week in California. The International release of this insane game was delayed due to the server break down. Soon the developers of the AR game will make it available globally. Simply go to Apple's App Store or the Google Play store and download yourself a copy of Pokémon Go.

For iOS: The compatibility required is iOS 8.0 or later and iPhone, iPad and iPad touch are compatible.

While the game has been wildly popular among users and is reportedly set to leapfrog Snapchat, Tinder and Twitter in terms of subscribers, several groups have voiced safety concerns over the app.

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