Pokemon Go is now officially out in the UK

Pokemon Go is now officially out in the UK

Pokemon Go is now officially out in the UK

Niantic issued a statement, however, saying that "Pokémon GO only accesses basic Google profile information (specifically, your User ID and email address) and no other Google account information is or has been accessed or collected". In fact, it became the top-grossing game on Apple's app store within hours of its debut.

The findings come to Design & Trend via a recent post by SkyriderRJM of the "Pokemon Go" Reddit community.

While there is no confirmation of a specific partnership for Pokemon Go yet, some have noticed references to "McDonalds" in the game's code for what appears to be the sponsorships feature.

Chinese Pokemon fans are now buying Australian and US App Store accounts, through China's largest online store, to download Pokemon Go on their devices.

"If you have installed an unofficial version of Pokémon GO, or are not sure if you have, seek immediate technical advice".

More than 350,000 people downloaded Pokemon Go on EE's network before the app was officially made available on Android and iOS in the UK.

The first detail worth knowing is that "Pokemon Go" is developed by a company called Niantic. The company has seen market-value gains of United States $7.5 billion in just two days, according to a Reuters report.

The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church in the U.S. is the location of a "gym" in the game, and players planted a pink "Clefairy" Pokemon called Love is Love there.

Of course, there were ways to get the game early. It uses the Global Positioning System capabilities of your device in conjunction with Google Maps to "place" creatures in real world locations, which you then try to find them using your device as a guide.

"You're going to see other developers potentially changing their pipeline to incorporate augmented reality or location-based technology", Bloomberg News quoted Mike Olson, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, as saying. You'll have to be level 5 to fight at a gym.

Gamers should also take extra precautions to stay safe when playing the game, especially considering some tech-savvy criminals have already used the application to rob several people.

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