Speaker Ryan: Pence would be a good, conservative VP

Newt Gingrich at a campaign for Donald J. Trump this month

Newt Gingrich at a campaign for Donald J. Trump this

Fox News says it is suspending its contributor agreement with Newt Gingrich "due to the intense media speculation" about him as a potential vice presidential candidate of Republican Donald Trump.

In today's case, FNC and former Georgia congressman and possible Donald Trump Vice President pick Newt Gingrich is setting aside his TV job, for now.

Trump had hit the campaign trail Monday in Virginia Beach with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie - one of those on the vice presidential shortlist. He was previously placed on leave in 2011 when he was considering his own run for president. I think you've checked that corner.

"There are a few reasons I think Newt Gingrich would be the best running mate for Donald Trump".

The former House Speaker appeared on FNC moments after it was announced he would suspend ties with the network. Gingrich met with Trump on Wednesday in IN to discuss the opportunity.

Gingrich did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gingrich joined Fox last fall after a stint with CNN.

Wallace said the decision was mutual.

Gingrich was one of the earliest Republicans to embrace Trump and his unlikely run to become the party's presumptive nominee, and the former House Speaker has even served as an unofficial adviser for Trump.

A longtime backer of Trump's campaign, Gingrich was added to the short list of vice presidential candidates in May. Jeff Sessions and retired Gen. Michael Flynn.

"How we make the transition from, you know, language for fourth graders to real policy, I don't know", Gingrich said to the Republican State Leadership Committee during a February speech in Washington, ProPublica reported Wednesday night.

Amid the frenzy on Wednesday, Pence, who is locked in a tough re-election battle with Democrat John Gregg in IN, returned to his gubernatorial campaign schedule, where he downplayed the meetings with Trump.

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