'Star Trek' creator's son unsure of gay Sulu

Anton Yelchin stars as Chekov in Star Trek Into Darkness

Anton Yelchin stars as Chekov in Star Trek Into Darkness

However Sulu's originator, openly gay actor George Takei, has spoken against the character development, calling it "unfortunate" and against what the older Roddenberry had intended for Sulu. "And isn't that tokenism?"

The man, who has a wedding ring on, is believed to be Hikaru Sulu's husband, and the child, the couple's daughter.

Though nothing has been officially confirmed, we eagerly await a validating official movie still. "I think those are really heartfelt sentiments and even though he doesn't express his emotion as fully as other characters might, I don't think that makes him any less full of heart".

Simon Pegg and George Takei have a respectful disagreement over Star Trek Beyond.

When it was announced last week that the third film in the revamped Star Trek franchise would feature a gay Mr. Sulu, many in the Trekkie community were conflicted.

"I was anxious because I knew [George] was a gay man who had played a straight character", he told the BBC. I was also anxious that it might be inferred that we were somehow suggesting that sexuality was a choice. "I think he would love any sort of social issue being brought into 'Star Trek'".

"And I thought to myself: 'How wonderful!" It's a fan letter from Simon Pegg.

'Star Trek' creator's son unsure of gay Sulu

It's been fantastic. The debate has never been about whether there should be an LGBT character in "Star Trek", it's been about who it should be, whether it should be a new character or an existing character. It's about co-operation and breaking down the boundaries between races and species and types and working together and it seems incredibly apposite at the moment considering the decision this country has just made, which feels a little bit to me like a retrograde step.

We're a week and a half away from once again setting foot on the bridge with our new Star Trek crew, as they face their greatest bout of interstellar peril thus far.

The crew in reality lost one of their own - actor Anton Yelchin who played Chekov died in a freak accident.

Zachary Quinto has confessed to taking a pair of Spock's ears from the set of "Star Trek Beyond" as a memento from the film.

"Hopefully we can reaffirm why we love [Star Trek] and build a foundation for another 50 years", the director said.

Star Trek Beyond opens in theaters July 22nd.

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