Ted Cruz booed off stage at RNC in Cleveland

Clinton is expected to launch a voter registration effort when she speaks at 11:30 a.m. July 18.                      WCPO

Clinton is expected to launch a voter registration effort when she speaks at 11:30 a.m. July 18. WCPO

By the end of the race Trump retweeted an insult about Cruz's wife's physical appearance, fed unsubstantiated rumours about marital infidelity published in the National Enquirer, and suggested that Cruz's father might have been connected to the Kennedy assassination.

But after speculation intensified, Trump last week chose Pence as his running mate.

"Hillary Clinton is the ultimate Washington insider", Walker said. "The only choice is a Trump-Pence Republican ticket".

It's a speech that has local Republicans feeling enthusiastic about at least one address from the convention. It also raised questions about why the Trump campaign invited Cruz to speak - in a headlining role, no less - without getting him to agree to an endorsement.

Earlier in the day, Cruz held a thank-you event at a restaurant in Cleveland for campaign volunteers. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Trump supporter and former presidential candidate who was once considered to be a frontrunner for the vice presidential nomination, told CNN that Cruz would be "less of a person" if he did not endorse Trump. Speakers have painted an apocalyptic vision of America if she should win and have aggressively challenged her character.

Donna Metz, Cruz's 2016 Kansas state co-chairwoman, wore a sparkling red, white and blue hat and was jostled in the crowd as she made her way toward Cruz.

Ted Cruz booed off stage at RNC in Cleveland

The Indiana governor's speech covered the fundamentals of an acceptance address, including his introduction, praise for Trump and critiques of his opponent, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Two of Trump's other vanquished primary rivals - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Florida Sen. The negativity crossed a line for some in the party. "He successfully brought many new jobs into IN, and I think explaining that to the American public is going to be really important". Pence and his family, along with Trump's adult children, greeted the billionaire as his helicopter landed by Cleveland's picturesque lakefront. His daughter Ivanka and other members of the Trump party turned their backs on Cruz to stand and applaud Trump, who sat down in the front row of his VIP box to watch his son Eric deliver the next speech.

The convention ceded the prime-time stage on its third night to Cruz, who mentioned Trump only once, congratulating him for winning the nomination but coming no closer than that to rallying behind him.

"I meant it then, and I mean it now", Walker said.

Trump embraced the swirling attention.

He used his convention speech as the foundation for a fundraising email for his Senate campaign: "Will you stand with me by making an immediate donation $5, $10, $25, or whatever you can afford today?" He said voters must ensure it's Trump picking the justices.

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