The new Pokemon Go app is taking over: Here's how it works

The game is heavy on fun but light on explanations - particularly if you're so excited to start playing that you blitz through the opening tutorial.

The game comes from Nintendo, the Pokemon Company and Niantic, and has shot to the top of the charts on Apple's App Store and on Google's Play marketplace. It became available for download in India about a week ago. If you want to own a gym for the goal of training, don't put your strongest Pokemon as the guard. From there, you design your character and pick your first Pokemon. "When I told them I was going to the church, they said they would tag along".

But as he walked with his sons, he realised how easy it is to get lost in the game and not spot an oncoming vehicle. People are also spending money to buy virtual items. In fact, this is not really a game you can play while stationary.

Once the player has caught the Pokemon, he or she can rename them and even help them evolve with the right equipment. More on that later. Certain Pokemon are likely to appear in certain places - water Pokemon, for example, tend to hang out near lakes and rivers. Touch that menu and you'll see what critters are around.

Reports from Missouri, US, that some players were lured to isolated spots where muggers targeted then them has left parents in Mumbai even more anxious. Honestly, the best way to get better at dodging is to practice so that why you get familiar with the timing of a variety of different moves.

"If nothing else, Pokémon GO has shown that there are "dormant" Nintendo fans eager to trial its content for smartphones", Deutsche Bank analysts said in a note.

Each Pokemon should have between 0 and 3 footsteps underneath their picture. When there are no footsteps below a Pokemon, get your flinging finger ready because it's right next to you. The Prestige level of the Gym will go down every time a Pokemon of the opponent is defeated.

Pokemon Gyms are where Pokemon battles take place, and it's all about claiming territory for your team - either Yellow, Blue, or Red.

Like the Pokemon franchise that hit in the late 1990s, the goal is to find and capture the cartoon creatures, which can be upgraded and pitted against each other. So if you think you can use at least two Pokemon to battle the gym Pokemon, save that last Pokemon you powered up for guarding the gym. You'll need to be fast with that Pokeball though or they'll disappear. That's what those Pokestops are for. The app has taken Lubbock by storm, with an accurate map of the city and interactive play all around the Hub City.

If you can see pink petals falling around a Pokestop, that means someone has attached a lure. "One can go to PokeStops and collect more PokeBalls and Pokemon eggs".

You have a choice of three teams to play as once you reach Level 5 - Instinct, Mystic or Valour. The teams have different personalities and are represented by different colours, but are in all other ways equal. When you win at a gym, you have to leave a Pokemon to fight for you.

Sheridan has tried to get the location of the gym changed, but as of now you can only report a "Poke Stop" location if it poses physical danger to the players.

During battle, you will face each of the Pokemon guarding the gym. You use the special attack by holding down on the screen for a couple of seconds.

"For a lot of us anyway, it's touched on a lot of our childhoods and earlier years". Injured or tired Pokemon can be healed by using potions available at PokeStops. Yeah, good luck capturing that gym.

"It's summer, they're looking for something to do". This is why you're seeing hordes of players descend on seemingly random points. Incense will also follow you for the entirety of the 30 minute time frame.

Finally, as you're battling, you can also dodge attacks coming at you from the opposition. Berries will calm a Pokemon down for one throw, or can keep a Pokemon from running away. So you should consider bringing water and sunscreen.

You should charge up your phone completely before heading out, since all the location tracking and camera use can tear through a battery pretty quickly.

Do you have any more tips for Pokemon Go? Just don't do it. There's no turn-based mechanics, so you'll want to tap as much as you can to keep the basic attack going.

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