Trump seeks to steady GOP convention after plagiarism charge

No candidate in 60 years has won the presidency when trailing after the party conventions, according to research from Robert Erikson of Columbia and Christopher Wlezien of the University of Texas. "It was well-delivered, and I thought if she ends up being our first lady, that we would be proud (of) the way she speaks".

"But we're going to be supporting Donald Trump", he said. "It's sloppy staff work and somebody should go".

But the controversy surrounding "We Are the Champions" has been largely overshadowed by the content of Melania Trump's speech, which borrowed passages from a 2008 Michelle Obama speech.

While the controversy burned for 12 hours and social media erupted with mocking commentary, the Trump campaign appeared paralyzed. He declined to comment in detail as to how her speech was put together and indicated the campaign did not plan to fire anyone over the incident.

Trump's campaign offered no apologies, with top adviser Paul Manafort telling The Associated Press the matter had been "totally blown out of proportion".

Earlier in the day, Wright and other delegates said they hoped to begin unifying around Trump after they joined in angry and prolonged objections Monday to a vote on rules.

"Who cares? It was her speech".

Trump's speech at one point used more than 20 consecutive words from Obama's speech. I fully get it that at a moment in our nation when we are dealing with mass shootings, systematic racism and and a war on women's reproductive rights, and a Republican party platform that condones child abuse in the form of gay conversion therapy, anything that Melania Trump might have to say feels like a low-priority problem.

He then fired off a wave of tweets featuring the hashtag #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes, each time sarcastically crediting Trump's third wife with a world-famous quote made by someone else. "And she never cribbed from another speech without acknowledging that she was quoting somebody else".

"I was first of all just very impressed with Mrs. Trump's speech", he said.

As staffers and surrogates sought to deflect questions on the potential first lady's speech, there were signs the chaos was breaking through in battleground states where the presidential election will be decided. "I mean, it's not like [Melania] wrote the speech", he said.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be keynote speakers.

More than most, they have been responsible for holding the Republican Party as populist Tea Party conservatives gained clout.

Following the roll call vote, a parade of Trump's former campaign rivals, Republican leaders who are lukewarm about his nomination and more family members are scheduled to take center stage.

This rhetoric is deeply problematic in the context of the Republican convention and the Trump campaign, and also in the broader context of the explosion of economic inequality that is helping to fuel Trump's political apprenticeship.

Donald Trump's selection of Governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate has also created a significant event at the convention, said Dunn.

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