What happens at the Republican and Democratic conventions, day by day

Bexar County GOP delegates to the national convention Lisa Nilsson Ginny Shannon Grant Moody Gina Castaneda

Bexar County GOP delegates to the national convention Lisa Nilsson Ginny Shannon Grant Moody Gina Castaneda Shelley Kofler Texas Public Radio

There are war heroes, a casino mogul and even an underwear model, yet Donald Trump is relying heavily on his party's establishment to fill the speaking program for next week's Republican National Convention.

Yet stopping Trump seems more and more unlikely, especially after the anti-Trump forces lost some key votes at a meeting of the Republican convention's rules committee, amendments that would have given them a fighting, yet still slim, chance. He's backing a longshot effort to change the convention rules to let delegates cast "a vote of conscience" and abandon their pledges to Trump.

Still, a floor fight by anti-Trump forces over convention rules is "for sure", Graham said, while noting that Arizona rules committee members were solidly backing Trump and noting he thought a successful challenge wasn't in the cards.

For good measure, the rules panel approved words specifically stating that party rules allow delegates to be "bound" to candidates they were committed to by state primaries and caucuses.

After being cut from the official list of Republican National Convention speakers, the former N.F.L. quarterback Tim Tebow said on Friday that he was optimistic that another political party would pick him up to speak at its Convention.

"Everybody's sentiment now is we're 100 percent behind the nominee, Donald Trump", Graham said. But Unruh has said she expects to win support from at least 28 of them - which under party rules means her plan would be brought to the full convention next Monday for a vote. Ted Cruz and other critics of the businessman.

"The thought of having Hillary Clinton is enough of a concern, I think, for a lot of people, including me", said State Treasurer Ron Estes, a Rubio delegate.

"I'm new at this, I don't know what might be planned by some people", Murphy says, admitting he didn't support Trump during the primary.

"She's tough as nails", he said to cheers.

Besides a growing "whip" vote-counting operation, one official said the Trump campaign has assigned sympathetic delegates to ride herd on specific rebels in an effort to communicate and keep tabs on them.

The failed talks focused on conservative proposals aimed at appealing to grassroots conservatives that would take power away from Priebus and the Republican National Committee.

"And No. 3, as Donald has continued to reveal himself he's unfit for the presidency", she said.

North Carolina has 72 delegates who will vote for the party's nominee, the fifth most in the country.

The convention seating chart places New York's delegates right in front of the podium.

"Since past year, I've had a very large number of members of the RNC that have been very encouraging to do it", Graham said.

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